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Escape Dead Island

Escape Dead Island is a survival horror adventure game developed by Fatshark. It's the second spin-off to Dead island series and the story follows an aspiring journalist Cliff Calo, he decides to document the unnatural events on Narrapela island. Once in the island, the protagonist soon starts understanding that not everything is as it first seems.

In Escape Dead Island you can expect a lot of stealth-based melee combat, but there are instances where firearms are simply unavoidable. With the reoccurring events and strange encounters, Cliff is slowly but steadily loosing his mind, but fear not, as you have a camera to take photos and see what's real and what's not so much.

Find the truth about what really has happened in the island, investigate various sights and settings, and uncover a dark story that lies way beyond common reason and logic.

Detaliile jocului

  • Evaluat 18+ (Matur)Evaluat 18+ (Matur)
  • Un singur jucătorUn singur jucător
  • A treia persoanăA treia persoană


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  • Engleză
  • Franceză
  • Germană
  • Italiană
  • Poloneză
  • Portuguese-Brazil
  • Rusă
  • Spaniolă, Castiliană

Data de lansare:

November 18, 2014




Koch Media

Cerințe de sistem:

Cerințe Minime de Sistem

  • Cerințe de sistem: Windows Vista (SP2) / 7 / 8
  • Procesor: Intel Core 2 Duo E4600 / AMD Athlon 64 X2 4800+
  • Memorie: 2 GB RAM
  • Grafica: 1 GB VRAM - Radeon HD 5450 / GeForce GT 430
  • Depozitare: 10 GB

Cerințe de sistem recomandate

  • Cerințe de sistem: Windows 7 / 8
  • Procesor: Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 / AMD Phenom 9850
  • Memorie: 4 GB RAM
  • Grafica: 1 GB VRAM - Radeon HD 6850 / GeForce GTX 460
  • Depozitare: 10 GB