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Darkest Dungeon Steam Key GLOBAL

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Darkest Dungeon Steam key

Darkest Dungeons by Red Hook Studios is a role-playing video game with RTS/TBS elements mixed in, also one you have never experienced before. It’s dark, twisted, interesting and emotionally overwhelming to say the least. You inherit an estate under which lies portals to other dimensions with grievous monsters finding their way out and corrupting the lands. As the current owner of the estate and the surrounding grounds, you must recruit various adventurers, send them to explore these portals and extinguish the evils within.

Praise the Brave Adventurers

Darkest Dungeons offer you fifteen different character classes to recruit. Each class hero has unique skills, statistics, and aspirations, that in time can be upgraded. Adventurers can level up and equip better items. Unfortunately, if an adventurer dies, there’s no way to bring him/her back to life. Teams of adventurers explore dungeons in real-time, side-scrolling manner. Once combat starts, the action takes place in a turn-based approach, where turn by turn the tides of battle are decided.

Gameplay Determined by Your Choices

The decisions you make before and during combat are extremely important. Things like order in which your team is running through the dungeon can single-handedly decide battles. Since you can only send your adventurers in groups of four, their traits, skills and overall compatibility are of utmost importance to consider.

Dungeons are Terrifying

The key factor that makes Darkest Dungeons exceptional and overwhelming is the stress, which eventually can and will affect each adventurer daring to enter the dungeon. Either sustainable or rising stress levels can result in certain afflictions like arachnophobia or Satan-phobia. These afflictions impact your heroes in various ways, both in and out of combat. If stress is left unmanaged and the adventurer is repeatedly sent into the darkest dungeons, a sudden heart-attack becomes one of the threats to consider. To fight the psychological and physical terrors met in the dungeon, your task, using the gold gathered through expeditions, is to build various infrastructures to help heal the bodily and mental conditions of the adventurers.

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    Open GL 3.2+
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    2 GB

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    Windows 7+
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    Open GL 3.2+
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    2 GB

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    19 ianuarie 2016
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    Red Hook Studios
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