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Blood Bowl 2 Steam Key GLOBAL

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    Descrierea produsului

    Blood Bowl 2

    Developed by Cyanide Studios and Focus Home Interactive, Blood Bowl 2 Steam key is a turn-based fantasy game that takes the world of Warhammer and smashes it together with American football. It’s adapted from the board game of the same name produced by Games Workshop and is the sequel to Blood Bowl, released in 2009. The developers focused on both humour and brutality, so players are in for an explosive mix of action, fun, and blood. Here, you become a former star of Blood Bowl, tasked with bringing back the glory to the used-to-be famous Reikland Reavers. Get ready to rumble!

    Main Gameplay Mechanics

    Two teams of up to 16 players battle it out on the field playing a fantasy version of American football. Just like the rules of actual football, players have to score the most touchdowns if they want to win the match. It’s not the only way to beat the rival team though! Blood Bowl 2 Steam key isn’t simply taking inspiration from Warhammer just when it comes to the setting and characters - you will also win by simply eliminating the other team’s whole roster in the most brutal way possible. So become a Human, Orc, Dwarf, Skaven, High Elf, Dark Elf, Bretonnian, or a Chaos and get ready to rip off some legs!

    Major Improvements

    Blood Bowl 2 key uses a new engine, greatly increasing the quality of graphics, textures, character models, and more. It also ditches the real-time mode of the previous game and switches to being turn-based only. Along with the cheap Blood Bowl 2 price, players will also enjoy:

    • New campaign mode. Become the coach of the disgraced Reikland Reavers and restore their glory. It includes numerous scripted, one-time events, dozens of stadiums, and much more.
    • Stadium customization. Grow & customize your stadium along with your team. They have four tiers, 10 add-ons, and there are a total of 20 possible unique stadiums.
    • Cabalvision. Every move happening on the field is narrated by the hilarious play-by-play announcer Jim Johnson alongside analyst Bob Bifford.
    • Player marketplace. Inevitably, you’re going to lose a lot of players due to death, injury, or retirement. Don’t worry, you can buy new ones either from other coaches.

      Take a formerly dominant franchise back to its glory in the solo mode, with hilarious commentary accompanying you every step of the way or engage in even more intense games in the multiplayer mode!

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    • Procesor
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      3072 MB RAM
    • Grafica
    • Depozitare
      8 GB

    Alte detalii

    PEGI 16
    • Limbi
      • Engleză
      • Franceză
      • Germană
      • Poloneză
      • Rusă
      • Spaniolă, Castiliană
    • Data lansării
      22 septembrie 2015
    • Editor
      Focus Home Interactive
    • Dezvoltatori
      Cyanide Studio
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