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PlayStation Plus Card 90 Days (GR)

PlayStation Plus Card 90 Days (GR) extension expands your gaming experience in numerous ways. Even though PlayStation Network is a free-to-use service, some of its features are only accessible with the PS Plus membership, and this offer right here provides exactly that. Use the PSN to its full potential, receive free monthly games, tons of member-exclusive discounts, online accessibility and plenty more.

Having a monthly subscription grants you two awesome games every month – entirely free of charge. Throughout the span of three months time, you’ll receive a total of six popular, critically acclaimed games to add to your game library. This feature alone could seal the deal, however, the PlayStation Plus Card 90 Days membership extension offers much more.

Free games are welcome to any gamer’s library; however, gaming is not necessarily about the solo play, and this is where PS Plus shines once again. Bring your gaming experience online! Select one of your multiplayer games and compete against millions of gamers worldwide! A well-polished matchmaking system will make sure you’re matched against the players of your own skill level – for the ultimate possible entertainment value!

And as a cherry on the top, with PlayStation Plus Card 90 Days extension, you’ll receive an array of member-exclusive discounts for your in-store purchases! Planning to acquire at least a few games in the span of three months? Acquire the PS Plus subscription first, you’re almost guaranteed to save a pretty penny because of it. This subscription card is a bang for your buck, and you know it – don’t wait any longer.

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November 29, 2013


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Sony Online Entertainment