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PlayStation Plus Card 90 Days (DE)

PlayStation Plus Card 90 Days (DE) offers you a complete package for the ultimate gaming experience, packed and wrapped within single purchase. PlayStation Network is free of charge service that offers access to various entertainment platforms along with PlayStation Video access, however, some of the platforms most beneficial features are only available once you have the PS Plus subscription!

These features include free monthly games, tons of discounts, ability to play through some of the latest game betas and demos and bring your gaming experience online! So, with PlayStation Plus Card 90 Days in your possession, you’ll, in total, get to play six free-of-charge games – 2 per month! And these are no mere freebies, the service often chooses some of the finest games on the market!

Together with the free games, you’ll also get to bring your experience online! With a direct and mechanically precise matchmaking system, you’ll be paired against your skill level opponents, no matter which multiplayer game you choose to play, and the online feature comes with multiple other worth-your-while additions, which you’ll only discover within the service itself!

Buy the PlayStation Plus Card 90 Days and benefit greatly if you’re planning to make any additional purchases within the PS Store! Tons of members-exclusive discounts awaits you right from the get-go, and if you really want to save on your purchases – the PS Plus subscription is the way to go! Also, you’ll get the chance to download some of the latest demos on newest games, as well as participate in numerous beta tests!

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November 29, 2013


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Sony Computer Entertainment