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Guild Wars 2 2000 Gems Card

Buy Guild Wars 2 2000 Gems and immerse yourself in an intricate tale of fate and hope. Or a less intricate story of killing bosses. Either way, the Gems will be a great help to both new and experienced players, as they allow you to get a myriad of wonderful items from the store.

Looks are everything

Part of the character progression in Guild Wars 2 can be marked by the look the hero has. The further along with the story they are, the more elaborate their armor becomes. Thus, for a little while, you will need to look like a farmhand, till you get your first high-tier item. Buy Guild Wars 2 2000 Gems and you won’t have to wait, you will be able to spend your Gems to get that shiny look so many characters possess.

The outfits rotate, so you cannot buy some of them at any given moment. Also, there are occasional sales, which puts certain items at a truly affordable price. So be sure to pop by the shop every so often, to scout out the deals and new appearances.

To accompany your new look, you can also buy a new miniature (or two or three!). These range from the cute version of monsters you encounter to tiny and adorable NPCs. Buy Guild Wars 2 2000 Gems and, if there’s a particular character you truly like, there’s a chance you can get a mini version of them to accompany you on an adventure. And skins! Let’s not forget skins for mounts. These customization options can be gained only through the shop, which gives your favorite ride – or all of them if you can’t choose – an exclusive look and feel.  

Improving your gameplay

The store is also a source of tiny improvements to your day-to-day gameplay. Here you can find unbreakable gathering tools, there’s even a 3in1 miracle that will take care of all your gathering needs, so buy Guild Wars 2 2000 Gems and enjoy the crafting without breaking a neck trying to maintain it all! Various buffs and increases may also be bought with your Gems.

But the more important addition would be the increased space in both your inventory and storage. This will ensure you will not have to run to the nearest vendor every five minutes, nor will the lack of space ambush you right after a hard boss fight. Grab a handful of Gems and see where that might take you!

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27 august 2012


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