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Waarde:2000 NCoin
Belangrijke mededeling:
  • No expiration date. In-Game currency for Lineage II, Blade & Soul, Aion Live.

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    NCSoft NCoin 2000

    Buy NCSoft 2000 Ncoin, delve into the game and enjoy a hitch-free experience. Invest in the elevated gameplay, grab the supplies that would help you along the way, and get the best out of the games you love. Anything within the store (of three stores, in fact) is up for your inspection.

    Mystery boxes

    Probably one of the more exciting ways to spend your coins is to buy the mystery boxes, the things that may get you anything from regular useful items to legendary one-of-a-kind gear pieces. It all just adds to the joy of opening the boxes, so buy NCSoft 2000 NCoin and discover that there’s nothing more satisfying than getting something that will make your gameplay unique (or at the very least, easier). It should be noted that often the items placed in the boxes are not otherwise available, of locked behind a giant wall, making the mystery opening the best way to get the said gear.

    Cosmetics for everyone!

    An important element of any MMO is its aesthetic system. That can be costumes, additional equipment slots and similar. One of the reasons for that is to create further customization for the game. Buy NCSoft 2000 NCoin and reinvent the hero. Sure, your character already has a face/hair/colour mix that is rare to be duplicated, but we all probably have met our twins in the vast fields of games. Cosmetics make your gameplay more unique. The second reasoning behind it is… Well, supremacy. The fact that you can strut around the battlefield in a new and shiny outfit, while everyone wears the identical dull armour – it’s just a cherry on the proverbial cake.

    Supplies when you need them

    Should you choose to invest in the premium currency, you will get support whenever you want to. Buy NCSoft 2000 NCoin and you have access to the Store, which can supply you with crafting materials, additional perks and boosts, and anything else that might catch your interest. Usually, these items can range from crucial to helpful to additional, but all present a great improvement to the game.

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