8-Bit Armies Complete Edition Steam Key GLOBAL

8-Bit Armies Complete Edition Steam Key GLOBAL

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    • Windows

8-Bit Armies Complete Edition

8-Bit Armies is a pixelated graphics Indie RTS game by Petroglyph. Prepare to have an awesome and challenging experience in a colourful, yet challenging and unforgiving world of pixels! It’s fast-paced, it’s strategic, it’s easily accessible and once you’re in it – it’s also very user-friendly!

The RTS Classics

8-Bit Armies has plenty to offer. Traverse 25 exceptional single-player campaign missions or play 12 unprecedented co-op missions together with your buddies, up to 8 people in-game! The initial game hosts 10 distinct maps, each with a fair amount of entertainment as well as challenge!

Other Features

Being a pixelated game, 8-Bit Armies can offer quite a few awesome features. The environments are completely destructible, base construction is immensely detailed, and the game’s structure is easily accessible and incredibly rewarding. Want something serious, yet casual? 8-Bit Armies is your go-to game!

Dettagli del gioco

  • Rates 7+Rates 7+
  • Single-playerSingle-player
  • MultiplayerMultiplayer
  • Co-opCo-op
  • Bird-viewBird-view




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Data rilascio:

22 aprile 2016





Requisiti del sistema:

Requisiti minimi del sistema

  • Requisiti di sistema: Windows Vista SP2
  • Processore: 2.6 GHz Dual Core
  • Memoria: 4 GB RAM
  • Grafica: Nvidia Gece GTS 250 or ATI Radeon HD 3870
  • Storage: 2 GB

Requisiti raccomandati del sistema

  • Requisiti di sistema: Windows 7
  • Processore: 2.6 GHz+ Quad Core
  • Memoria: 6 GB RAM
  • Grafica: Nvidia GeForce 550 Ti or AMD Radeon HD 6800 Series
  • Storage: 2 GB