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Less than 1 year
Selling on Eneba
Cannot be issued
Less than 1k
Sold items in 6 months
Below 0.2%
Tickets ratio
140 hours after the first reply
Dispute resolution time
Important Notice. This merchant has specific selling settings and terms & conditions for all offers.
  • Instant delivery not available. Merchant manually verifies all transactions.
  • Cannot add & buy products to the cart with offers from other merchants.
  • Limited payment methods (PayPal and Credit Card only)
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      Minecraft: Java Edition (PC) Official Website Key GLOBAL
      Minecraft: Java Edition (PC) Official Website Key GLOBAL

      Vendor's terms and conditions

      • Payment

        • Authorization

          Manual approval in 1 hour (no action: auto reject)

        • Available methods

          PayPal and Credit Cards only

        • Invoices

          Does not issue invoices

      • Delivery

        • Authorization

          Manual approval in 2 hours (no action: auto-reject)

        • Time

          Instant auto-approval

        • Preorders

          Up to 3 days after release

      • Warranty

        • Term

          24 months

        • Available solutions

          Refund only

        • Conditions

          Proof of deficiencies

      • Complaints

        • Channel

          ENEBA help center

        • First reply*

          120 hours

        • Dispute resolution*

          140 hours after the first reply

      • Returns

        • Term

          14 days

        • Conditions

          Only if Digital Content has not been viewed

      • *Counting only our response time