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    Persona 5 Strikers Steam key

    Developers from ATLUS and publishing studio SEGA together present the phenomenal action-packed adventure game - Persona 5 Strikers. 23rd February marks the Persona 5 Strikers release date, the day you can join the Phantom Thieves to put up a fight against corruption taking over Japan, one city at a time. The sudden appearance of a distorted reality unveils the horrific things one cannot look past, and thus, your adventures begin! Buy Persona 5 Strikers Steam key at a cheaper price and delve into the action that redefines the adventure gaming experience! Suspenseful narrative, action-packed combative encounters, and unforgettable characters are all guaranteed by one and only SEGA company!

    Persona 5 Strikers gameplay features

    Persona games are some of the most renowned anime-style RPG titles that gathered a huge community of fans over the year, and Persona 5 Strikers is going to rekindle the appreciation for the series.

    • New story. The title presents a brand new story for you to envelope yourself in as you embark on adventures with distinct characters;
    • Beautiful world. Traverse the beautifully animated Japan, the colourful animations and distinct character styles adding all the more beauty to the overall game world;
    • 4K support. The game supports 4K resolution, so you can enjoy Persona 5 Strikers in HD on a compatible screen;
    • Dynamic combat system. Exploit the hybrid battle system to your advantage whether you’re fighting in the melee or from a distance - ambush your opponents, deal fatal blows and utilize the surroundings;
    • • Cheap Persona 5 Strikes price.

    Enter new character: Joker

    Persona 5 Strikes key arrives with a brand new character to become - Joker! His Persona awoke amidst a series of psychotic-breakdown incidents, and he successfully embraced the new, fresh version of himself. The awakening of Joker resulted in the development of “Phantom Thieves of Hearts”, a secret group that pursues corrupt people that bear responsibility for the atrocious crimes. The character whose role you assume specializes in mobility and utilizes high attack power to deal deadly blows to the opponents. Another interesting weapon Joker wields is his special dagger that he uses for quick melee attacks.

    A fresh story in the series of Persona

    The game begins with a rather peaceful episode of the Phantom Thieves planning their little road trip to relax from all the straining missions they were carrying out, when suddenly Kyoto detective finds them and demands their help in the investigation or Joker dies. Reluctantly, the group embarks on a new adventure, and you can join them too if you buy Persona 5 Strikes Steam key! All of a sudden, the world gets engulfed in a distorted reality and you must do everything in your power to discover those responsible behind this mayhem! Enjoy the complex narrative enriched by a dynamic combat system, a hallmark of a true Persona experience!

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