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    K hraní je nutná základní hra UFC 3 (Xbox One).
  • The product works ONLY in countries that have XBOX LIVE service available: https://www.xbox.com/en-US/live/countries

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Discover the power of EA FC Points (previously known as FIFA Points), and elevate your gaming experience to new heights! Build your dream squad, unlock rare players, and enhance your Ultimate Team's performance. Embrace the thrill of competing against the best players and showcase your strategic skills in thrilling matches. Unleash your Ultimate Team potential and dominate the pitch with EA FC 24 Points! Experience seamless in-game advancement like never before! EA FC Points give you the edge you need to accelerate your progress. Earn rewards, open packs, and obtain valuable items that boost your team's capabilities. Whether you're a seasoned player or a newcomer, FC Points pave the way for a smoother journey toward success. Maximize your in-game advancement – buy FC Points, and stay ahead of the competition!

What can you get with EA FC points?

With EA Sports FC Ultimate Team Points, you can unlock various exciting features and items to enhance your gaming experience. Here's what you can get with FC Points:

  • Player Packs. Player Packs are the most common way to use EA FC points. Each pack is a gateway to untold possibilities, brimming with star players, consumables, and precious items to elevate your Ultimate Team;
  • Draft Entries. The UT Draft is a mode where you can draft a team of players and compete in a tournament. Take on the competition in a nerve-wracking tournament where glory and incredible rewards await;
  • Special Items. EA FC points can also be used to purchase special items. Let your EA FC points open the gates to extraordinary players – Team of the Week stars, awe-inspiring Icons, and rare limited-edition collectibles. These aren't just players; they are the embodiment of football greatness.
  • • Cheap FC Points price.

If you want to improve your Ultimate Team team or get your hands on some special items, EA FC Points are a great way to do it. Take advantage of the best FC Points price and ignite your passion for football, embrace the thrill of surprise, and forge a legacy that will be etched in Ultimate Team history!

Can FIFA 23 Points be transferred to EA Sports FC?

Yes! Yes, you can transfer your FIFA 23 Points to the hottest football simulator in town! While the name is different, FC Points play the same role as FIFA Points, and EA was generous enough to let you transfer your points to the next game. But here’s the catch, you have to be fast because you can only transfer your points by the end of 2023. So be quick, take advantage of both – cheap FIFA Points prices and EA FC Points, and build the best Ultimate Team!

The burning question on the minds of every EA Sports FC and FIFA player is whether they can transfer their hard-earned FIFA 23 Points to the latest game. Unfortunately, the answer is no. EA has chosen to begin with a clean slate, which means you'll have to start from scratch. But fear not! Take a look at our cheap FC Points prices and fantastic deals. With these, you can build your Ultimate Team anew and strive to reach the pinnacle of success!

How to redeem FC Points PC

  • • Go to ea.com/redeem;
  • • For PC codes, click on the Redeem button;
  • • For all other platforms, click the right button below the Redeem button;
  • • Type in your product code, then click Next.

How to redeem your code on the EA app

  • • Launch the EA app;
  • • Log in to your EA Account;
  • • Open My Library;
  • • Select Redeem Code.

How to redeem EA FC Points and EA FC Coins (Xbox)

  • • On the Xbox Home Screen, select the Store option;
  • • On the side menu, select Redeem;
  • • Enter the purchased key code;
  • • Click Next to finish the redemption process.

How to redeem EA FC Points and EA FC Coins (PlayStation)

  • • On the PS Dashboard, select the PlayStation Store option;
  • • Scroll down below and click the Redeem Codes button;
  • • Enter the purchased key code;
  • • Press Continue to go to the next page;
  • • Click Confirm to finish the redemption process.

Haven’t bought the best football game yet? Head to the cheap FIFA Points collection on our website, and among the selection of FC Points PC offers, you’ll also find points for different platforms. Take a deeper dive, and you’ll also discover EA Sports FC, EA Sports FC Ultimate Edition PC, or FIFA 23 deals for an incredible price!

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