Plague Inc: Evolved (PC) Steam Key UNITED STATES

Plague Inc: Evolved (PC) Steam Key UNITED STATES

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    Descrição do Produto

    Plague Inc: Evolved (PC) Steam Key

    Plague Inc: Evolved presents an original mix of high tactical gameplay and terrifyingly realistic simulation. Your pathogen has just infected Patient Zero – now you are able to bring humanity to its end by plaguing the entire planet with a deadly virus. The indie project Plague Inc: Evolved Steam key does a phenomenal job in providing players with top-notch realism and intriguing gameplay. Brought to you by Ndemic Creations, this title is a must-have in your collection if you enjoy simulator games, as they deliver gameplay features revolving around the best experience of this genre in the gaming industry. Buy Plague Inc: Evolved Steam key and begin your adventures today at a cheaper price!

    Plague Inc: Evolved features

    Immerse yourself into a fantastic and terrifying world of viruses with Plague Inc: Evolved Steam key! Here are some features that will enhance your gameplay experience:

    • 10 types of diseases. Select the virus, master every pathogen, and create the virus capable of ending humanity once and for all;
    • 23 unique scenarios. By participating in various outcomes, you will need to adapt your strategy as the scenarios will create further challenges preventing your created virus from spreading;
    • Get competitive. The game unlocks a vastly competitive multiplayer mode, co-op mode, and an awesome content editor to develop your very own custom scenarios, new plague types, worlds, and even in-game events;
    • Incredible realism. Create strategies in the real world – advanced AI and use of real-world data and events make this indie title a very authentic simulation of a world-ending pathogen.

    Terrifyingly intriguing

    Ever thought about what it means to be a deadly virus? With Plague Inc. Evolved Steam key, you have the chance to transform into numerous deadly diseases trying to conquer the world and bring forth the fall of humanity. While the concept of this game hits a little too close to home, it has soared in popularity in recent years. Create your pathogen and infect a chosen country. With time it will evolve and spread, turning into a globally genocidal virus bringing about the end of human history. It’s a terrifying game and a constant reminder of how fast things can go south given the right circumstances. Are you ready?

    Requisitos de sistema

    Requisitos mínimos de sistema

    • Requisitos de sistema
      Windows 8
    • Processador
      2.0 GHz Dual Core
    • Memória
      1 GB RAM
    • Placa gráfica
      Integrated Graphics (512MB)
    • Armazenamento
      500 MB

    Requisitos de sistema recomendados

    • Requisitos de sistema
      Windows 10
    • Processador
      3.0GHz i5 Dual Core
    • Memória
      2 GB RAM
    • Placa gráfica
      Nvidia GeForce GTX 650 Radeon HD 3600 (1GB)
    • Armazenamento
      1 GB

    Outros detalhes

    PEGI 7
    • Língua
      • Alemão
      • Coreano
      • Espanhol
      • Francês
      • Inglês
      • Italiano
      • Japonês
      • Norueguês
      • Polaco
      • Portuguese-Brazil
      • Português
      • Russo
      • Simplified Chinese
      • Traditional Chinese
      • Turco
    • Data de lançamento
      19 de fevereiro de 2016
    • Editor
      Linden Research
    • Produtores
      Ndemic Creations
    • Funciona em