Seriously… How much worse can this go? Fans of the popular PlayStation exclusive series, Uncharted, have been waiting for the movie based on their favorite game for ages, and just when it seemed like everything was finally set, we get another major set back. Three months have passed since Travis Knight was appointed to direct the upcoming Uncharted movie and now he has decided to abandon the project as well.

According to sources, this decision was made due to scheduling conflicts with the actor Tom Holland who in addition to portraying Nathan Drake is also a face of Peter Parker in a new Spider-Man movie series. Sources say that the conflict with Travis arose when Sony was pushed by Marvel to reschedule the shooting of the Uncharted movie in favor of the upcoming sequel to Spider-Man: Far From Home. Travis Knight didn’t like that kind of prioritization and decided to part ways with the project.

So, what will it mean for those who can’t wait for Uncharted movie to come out? Well, it’s not hard to guess that you can’t shoot a movie without a director, so naturally, the movie will be delayed. Sony will have to find a new director and reschedule the entire production timeline. However, the Uncharted movie will keep Tom Holland as the main star in addition to other personnel announced previously. You can read through the credits here.

Looking from afar it seems a bit weird that Uncharted movie cannot find a suitable director. Travis Knight was the sixth person to ditch the chair since the project’s inception in 2011. You can look at this in two ways. One – Uncharted movie is doomed to fail, or be a bit more positive – Sony is dedicated to making it right. It’s much better to wait for the right time so everyone could focus on Uncharted, rather than rush the project out the door and join the list of terrible video game movies.

For now, Uncharted is scheduled for a theatrical release on December 18, 2020. However, we’re pretty sure that the delay will be announced very soon.