Seems like with every new week the biggest Dota 2 tournament, The International, has some new topic to talk about. This week is no exception as the prize pool for the tournament surpassed 30 million dollars. This puts The International back to its rightful place as the tournament with the highest esports prize pool of all time.

In case you weren’t following the news from the esports world, a bit earlier in the year, Epic Games announced that Fortnite World Cup Finals will have the biggest prize pool in the history of esports, giving players a chance to share 30 million dollars. Back then Dota 2’s The International was only reaching its 20 million dollars mark. However, The International prize pool is crowdfunded from the fans of the game making in-game purchases, so Dota 2 fans did a solid for Valve.

A few days earlier, Valve added a new Collector’s Cache II which features a lot of new rewards for Dota 2 players including 16 new item sets. However, the rewards are obtainable only for 30 days which gave Dota 2 fans a nudge required to catch up with Fortnite. It took less than a week to add an additional 2 million dollars to The International 2019 prize pool, which currently stands for 30 149 621 dollars.

If Epic Games doesn’t add something new to Fortnite World Cup, the title of the highest esports prize pool remains as it was. The International will retain the name of the best paying esports tournament in the world. At least for another year. The International 2019 begins on August 15th, with the finals taking place on August 25th.