Some games are just better in virtual reality – this is a sentence we’ve never thought we’d say out loud. And here we are… admitting our mistake and saying that SUPERHOT is just better in virtual reality.

A recent tweet by Callum Underwood from Raw Fury revealed that SUPERHOT VR sold over 800 000 copies across platforms and has generated more revenue than the original SUPERHOT.

This is one hell of a number considering that not many games for virtual reality can boast almost a million sales. Only games such as SUPERHOT or Beat Saber managed to reach this milestone. Almost a million in two years might not seem like a lot for some, but having in mind that only a handful of players have a VR headset in their homes makes the game huge in its respective category.

Original SUPERHOT was amazing in its own right with an original FPS mechanic where time moves only when the player moves. In other words, if you stop, everything around you gets significantly slower! This provides players with an opportunity to evaluate their every move before recommencing to real-time mayhem.

However, in VR SUPERHOT plays even better. While the game hasn’t changed not even one bit, a different way to control it made the game a truly unique experience which might possibly even help developers to sell their VR hardware.