Say what you want but Street Fighter V might be one of the best fighting games ever. This Capcom’s brawler had a rocky launch, but update after the update made the title into a worthy addition to any game collection. Street Fighter V: Champion Edition gathers all the updates in one place and includes yet another new fighter joining the roster.

According to the release information, Street Fighter V: Champion Edition will include all 34 stages, 40 fighters, and over 200 costumes that have been introduced since Street Fighter V launched in 2016. One notable addition is the new fighter called Gill which was teased in the previous story mode’s addition “A Shadow Falls”. It was also featured as an antagonist of Street Fighter III. His description reads:

“Typically plotting behind the scenes, he is now ready to reveal himself to the world, as he sets out to fulfill the prophecy that the Secret Society has coveted since ancient times”

And here’s a short trailer introducing its moves:

The new Street Fighter V version was announced during the North American Regional Finals of the Capcom Cup. Capcom stated that it will be released for PC and PlayStation 4 in February 2020. It’s also worth mentioning that the game will have separate pricing – you will be able to purchase it as a DLC if you already own at least one version of Street Fighter V. If not, the game will have a bit bigger price tag.