If you love racing games, you may already know that Slightly Mad Studios are currently working on the third Project CARS game. Yesterday, the developer finally revealed the official launch date for its release – Project CARS will come to PC and consoles on August 28th.

Project CARS is a racing game series with a huge focus on vehicle physics and player customization.  The franchise was first introduced in 2015 and received a sequel in 2017. These games can be found in our special racing games collection. Both games were received fairly well by critics as well as players and that is why the developer decided to make another series entry. The third game was announced back in 2018 and spent almost 3 years in development, so naturally, we hope that Project CARS 3 will be the best of the bunch.

In case you were wondering whether this game will be released on the next generation consoles or not, you should keep in mind one simple fact. Last year Codemasters bought Slightly Mad Studios and is currently working on DiRT 5 for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. If it would be us, we wouldn’t want two new racing games to clash and that is why Project CARS 3 next-gen ports, for now, seem a bit unlikely. However, we might be wrong and a new announcement may come in the future. We’ll see about that.

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