If you’ve been planning to get a Nintendo Switch console but stopped in your tracks because of its price, you’re in luck. Nintendo just announced a new revision of its Switch game console called Nintendo Switch Lite. The new console is focused on the platform’s portable side with no detachable Joy-Con controllers.

However, Joy-Con controllers are not the only thing missing in a Lite version. The new console won’t be able to connect to a Switch dock which means it’s purely handheld gaming device. Nintendo Switch Lite will have a smaller 5.5-inch screen and will weigh a bit less than the original Nintendo Switch.

On the plus side, Nintendo Switch Lite should have a longer-lasting battery that will be capable of supporting from three to seven hours of play with a single charge. It’s also a lot cheaper – Nintendo Switch Lite will cost around 200 dollars which is a huge price decline compared to the original version. Nintendo also said that the new console will also support almost all Nintendo Switch games with the exception of a few titles that require Joy-Con in order to play.

If you’re interested in learning more about Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite differences. You can read through all of it in an official page. According to the announcement, Nintendo Switch Lite should be released on September 20th.