League of Legends developer Riot Games announced the newest addition to their hit MOBA game in 2019. The new champion is called Sylas the Unshackled, and the name goes along with his abilities.

Last week, the new champion was teased on the official League of Legends platform for lore Universe. Riot shared the story about a Demacian mage and Sylas is the protagonist to it. As was expected, this week Riot Games confirmed that Sylas will be coming to the League.

New champion’s kit is full of heavy crowd control and even ability stealing skills. At a first glance, Sylas looks like a bruiser who can also fill a role of a tank depending on what abilities player may choose to steal from the opposing team.

Here’s a full list of his abilities:


Petricite Burst – After casting a spell, Sylas’ next basic attack whirls his chains around him, damaging nearby enemies


Chain Lash (Q) – Sylas lashes out with his chains, damaging and slightly slowing enemies. After a brief delay, the intersection of the chains detonates, applying an increased slow and damaging enemies again.

Kingslayer (W) – Sylas lunges at a target with a powerful strike, damaging them and healing himself. If the enemy is at low health, the damage is increased; if Sylas is at low health, the heal is increased.

Abscond/Abduct (E) – Sylas dashes a short distance and shields himself. For a short time, he can recast the ability to whip out his chains, stunning, damaging, and pulling himself to the first enemy hit.


Hijack (R) – Sylas hijacks an enemy’s ultimate for his own use. Enemies can still use their ultimates if Sylas takes them. Sylas can take an enemy’s ultimate whenever Hijack is off cooldown, but can’t hijack the same enemy for a while after.