Last September marked the closure of Telltale Games studio. Naturally, all the games made by the studio went to sort of a limbo state – some became unavailable to play while others even vanished from online stores. The latest victim in this unpleasant chain of events is Minecraft: Story Mode which will go away by the end of the month.

Starting on June 25th, Minecraft: Story Mode which includes two seasons of the story will be delisted from all online shops. According to the official announcement by Mojang, fans who wanted to play through the game will have to hurry. If you’ll manage to buy and install Minecraft: Story Mode before its disappearance, you’ll get to keep the game on your PC until you’ll decide to uninstall it.

The same rule applies even if you already own the game. Since the license for all the 13 episodes is being revoked by Mojang, if you intend to return to play through Minecraft: Story Mode, you need to install the game because by the end of the month you won’t be able to redownload it.

Other Telltale Games are already crumbling. While The Walking Dead series was saved by Skybound, games such as The Wolf Among Us and Guardians of the Galaxy have already been removed from GOG catalog – others are soon to follow.