We’ve already written about the 10-year anniversary of Minecraft. Ahead of the celebration, Microsoft began teasing a new Minecraft app which should get its full reveal on May 17th.

The short teaser shows a woman picking up a phone with some sort of augmented reality Minecraft app on it. Furthermore, a phone screen features a sword, bow, apple, a couple of other iconic Minecraft items and already familiar user interface.

We don’t want to say anything for certain or too early, but it seems like Minecraft will get a new AR version – similar to the famous Pokémon Go. Though in this one you won’t be trying to catch any of the mythical monsters, and instead will be building, surviving and exploring all through the surrounding environment.

Minecraft in AR is not a new idea. The teaser is somewhat similar to the old HoloLens presentation Microsoft did some time ago. However, HoloLens wasn’t intended for everyone. Mobile phones are… If it’s truly a new Minecraft AR game which can be played by anyone with a mobile phone, this could be massive. Who knows, maybe even bigger than Pokémon Go was back in a day. We’ll find out in 10 days.