Playing PC games like narrative-driven RPGs might pass as a good form of entertainment when you play solo but it simply won’t cut it if your friends decide to pay a visit. Luckily, in 2020 local co-op games for PC are not limited to browser titles and you don’t need to own a console if you want to enjoy top tier triple-A hits while sitting on the couch with your friends. In most cases, simply owning at least two controllers might be enough and even this particular requirement has its own exceptions. Therefore, if you’re waiting for some guests, here are our suggestions for some of the best couch co-op games PC owners can enjoy!

Minecraft Dungeons

One of the latest examples of local co-op games for PC is the recently released official Minecraft spin-off called Minecraft Dungeons. Just like the main game in the Minecraft franchise, Dungeons was developed by Mojang and published by Xbox Game Studios. It’s a completely fresh take on the Minecraft series, as this is not a creative sandbox but a rogue-like dungeon crawler with procedurally generated levels, classic Minecraft mobs and lots of action that’s presented from an isometric perspective. In many regards, Minecraft Dungeons is reminiscent of Diablo games and it would not come as a surprise if Mojang took inspiration from the Blizzard’s classic ARPG.

Minecraft Dungeons is without a doubt among the best picks when it comes to local co-op games for PC. Developers themselves stated on multiple occasions that the game was created specifically with 4 player couch co-op in mind. That may be one of the reasons why online matchmaking is not supported in the game, with online and local co-op being the only forms of multiplayer available. Keep in mind, that in order to play this game with your friends locally, at least two controllers are needed and there won’t be any split-screen – instead, the camera zooms out on the view if players get too far apart. To learn about this game in more detail, be sure to check out our previous blog entry where we compare Minecraft Dungeons and regular Minecraft.

Dragon Ball FighterZ

A list of local co-op games for PC simply can’t go without Dragon Ball FighterZ, especially considering how many gamers grew up with this iconic action anime & manga series created by Akira Toriyama. Not only is Dragon Ball FighterZ a good DBZ game, it’s an overall good fighting game and to no surprise. The title was developed by Arc System Works – a studio that’s famous in the video game industry for creating multiple acclaimed fighting game series, with one of the most notable being anime-themed BlazBlue franchise, that began in 2008 with BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger arcade game.

Every DBZ fan has their own favorite character, favorite attack or a favorite transformation. What makes Dragon Ball FighterZ one of the best local co-op games for PC, is that it gives players the chance to represent their favorite DBZ heroes or villains and settle arguments over who’s the best through combat. Arc System Works introduces a neat team-building feature that allows each of the players to switch between three characters at any moment of the fight and this adds a nice strategic element to the battles, as victory is not determined by raw power alone. While controllers are necessary for local co-op, the advantage is that they greatly enhance the gameplay experience by allowing to execute combos and dramatic finishing moves much easier when compared to keyboard controls.

LEGO: Star Wars – The Complete Saga

Now here’s one of the local co-op games for PC that doesn’t require any additional hardware. A keyboard will be enough to enjoy the two-player cooperative mode of LEGO: Star Wars – The Complete Saga. To be more precise, this holds true for every LEGO video game that was made in collaboration between Traveller’s Tales and LucasArts but we choose this specific example as it’s one of the most popular of LEGO titles that also features a generous amount of content and replay value. LEGO: Star Wars – The Complete Saga combines all the content from the first two LEGO Star Wars games – LEGO Star Wars: The Video Game that was based on the Prequels and LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy based on 1977 – 1983 Star Wars films.

LEGO local co-op games for PC most of the time require players to work together when looking for hidden rewards or solving environmental puzzles that are often tied to events of the films in creative ways. Players will also get to see some action and fight alongside each other by using both melee weapons such as lightsabers and ranged weapons like blasters or Force powers. Not only that, some segments also feature space combat where two players will be able to control LEGO versions Jedi Star Fighters, Republic Gunships, X-Wings, Y-Wings, Snowspeeders, or the fastest “piece of junk” in the galaxy – the Millenium Falcon.


Another example of local co-op games for PC is Cuphead – an award-winning 2017 run n‘ gun sidescroller and one of the best 2D platformers that have emerged in recent memory. Developed and published by Studio MDHR Entertainment, the game stood out for its unique aesthetic style that was heavily influenced by 1930s animation. Levels are filled with characters that would not be out of place in the early Mickey Mouse cartoons with water colored rear projection backgrounds and cheerful jazz music accompanying the action. However, another reason why the game became so memorable was its brutal difficulty, especially during the boss battles.

Luckily, this is one of the local co-op games for PC, meaning that the titled protagonist Cuphead can be accompanied in his trials by his brother Mugman. If the game proves to be too difficult when playing solo, a friend or a family member can always lend a hand by taking control of the second character. It’s possible to configure controls of both players to work on a single keyboard, just like on LEGO: Star Wars – The Complete Saga but controllers can also be added to the mix if that’s the preferred option.

Resident Evil 5

Local co-op games for PC also include a couple of Capcom’s Resident Evil titles. Because the Resident Evil franchise has been around for a long time, every new installment tries to introduce a new perspective on the series and reimagine the old survival-horror formula in its own unique way. This was very much true for Resident Evil 5 back when it launched in 2009. While it’s not the only Resident Evil game with a co-op mode (another example would be Resident Evil 6 or Resident Evil: Revelations 2), RE5 capitalizes on this feature more than any other game in the series by making it the main focus of the entire experience.

Even though some fans criticized the action-oriented direction towards which the franchise was heading at the time of Resident Evil 5 release, RE local co-op games for PC and consoles nevertheless remained among the best selling Capcom titles of all time. The base version of Resident Evil 5 features the series veteran Chris Redfield and Sheva Alomar as playable characters, however, those who own the Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition can also play through the DLC expansions that bring back the Resident Evil star Jill Valentine, who’s also accompanied by a fellow BSAA agent Josh Stone. If you want to learn more about this game, or Resident Evil games in general, we highly recommend having a look at our Resident Evil chronology article written just before the release of Resident Evil 3 Remake.

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