PS Plus subscription is celebrating its 10th anniversary and everyone’s welcome to the party! PlayStation Plus fans can rejoice as July’s lineup brings two gaming gems as well as an extra cherry on the top. Even with the sun blasting its best, we’re sure that you’ll be happy with what’s crisping. Free PlayStation Plus games include NBA 2k20, Rise of the Tomb Raider, and Erica – all three come entirely free of charge!

New PS Plus deals unlock from Tuesday, 7 July, and continues up to Wednesday, 3 August.

NBA 2k20

With the newest 2k basketball release being just around the corner, it’s about time to get back on the court and play some ball! NBA 2k20 was a thundering success merely a year ago, and if you haven’t had the pleasure to start your career – now might be the best time to make it. Dedication is a driving force behind every sport, and it’s certainly not an exception with this flaming piece. Get your copy for free, and enjoy the best that e-basketball can currently offer.

Rise of the Tomb Raider (20th Anniversary Edition)

Celebrate the 10th anniversary of PS Plus with the 20th Anniversary Edition of Lara’s Croft trials! Rise of the Tomb Raider returns after the events of the 2013 Tomb Raider release and presents the main protagonist in an entirely different light. If for some reason you still haven’t played through the Tomb Raider series – it’s now or never. The 20th Anniversary Edition also brings new single-player content, new zombie combat mode, new extreme difficulty setting, exclusive outfits, guns, and more! Even if you have played the original piece, the anniversary edition may still surprise you.


Last but not least on the celebratory menu is Erica, a game developed and released by Sony Interactive Entertainment, as early as Aug 19, 2019! It’s a PS4 exclusive, designed precisely for you – at least if you like an interactive live-action thriller mystery. Play as Erica and find the shocking truth hiding behind your father’s death. Experience the plot in entirely different ways (your actions will impact the events around you) and reach the conclusion no one could’ve expected. Friendly hint: there’s plenty more than one ending to this captivating story!

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