Yesterday, Nintendo has announced a new lineup of games for Nintendo Switch subscribers. Similar to April’s games, Nintendo is offering a chance to grab a few additional classics such as Donkey Kong Jr., VS. Excitebike, and Clu Clu Land. These games will become available for free starting May 15th.

Including these 3 titles, the catalog of Nintendo Entertainment System free games now consists of over 40 titles. If you’re a Nintendo Switch Online subscriber you can play all of the games, including all of the previous additions. Even if you are not subscribed to the service, you can sign up for free and enjoy your 7-day free trial.

Donkey Kong Jr.

Donkey Kong Jr. is the sequel to the iconic Donkey Kong which featured Mario as the hero and Junior’s father as the villain – the roles are reversed here. The game originally launched in 1982 and was re-released for NES in 1988. It’s also a game which hosts a very competitive scene on arcades. To this day the challengers keep on beating the game’s high score.

VS. Excitebike

Another classic that is up for grabs in May is VS. Excitebike. The first version of this game was released back in 1984 and since then received a couple of re-releases on various other Nintendo gaming platforms. NES version of VS. Excitebike was the latest of the bunch and, if compared to its predecessors, featured a little faster gameplay. VS. Excitebike on NES also had a track builder which was revolutionary to the genre back in the day.

Clu Clu Land

The last classic addition to the NES catalog of Nintendo Switch is Clu Clu Land. Clu Clu Land originally launched in 1984, Japan, and only a couple of years later reached the Western game markets. Essentially, it’s a puzzle-type game where player swims around in a maze and tries to collect as many golden Ingots as possible. Later versions of the game even added an option to play it in a multiplayer setting.