After a bombastic Season 10’s end, Fortnite is live again. After a couple of days of nothing, Fortnite has kicked off the new season and gave the fans a lot of new stuff to explore. Some may even say that with the new season we’re getting an entirely new game. We’d like to call it the next chapter in the popular battle royale game. Fortnite Chapter 2 brings a huge revision of the core game which includes a lot of new gameplay mechanics as well as the new map.

At a glance, the new Fortnite’s map has a lot more mountains than its predecessor. As expected, there are a lot of new places which will have to be uncovered individually. The list of new places includes Camp Cod, Power Plant, Sweaty Sands, Weeping Woods, and some other fun areas. In order to reveal them on your map, you’ll have to get there first.

One noteworthy thing is that the new map has a lot more water. This is due to some new means of transport – Fortnite Chapter 2 introduces boats! And if swimming or boating is not your preferred activity while being near water, you will be able to fish there as well. The new fishing mechanic is also included in the list of challenges in order to unlock some new Battle Pass levels.

As always, the new season brings tons of new cosmetic (and not so cosmetic) items. One particularly interesting feature regarding items is the new option to upgrade your weapon while you play the game. We’re not sure how it will turn out, but it seems like it can have a significant impact on the economy of the game. We’ll just have to wait and see.