Better late than never, heh?

Analysis of the in-game features and elements

At its core, Final Fantasy XIV (or FF14) online is, as the name might suggest, a fantasy game. The rules here are simple: create a character, pick a class and run off into the big brave world, accompanied by dozens of other players; probably like the countless other MMOs you’ve played. But here comes the twist – FFXIV’s unique features set it apart from the array of online games that appear each year and then fade to obscurity. 

This article is meant to shed some light on different aspects of the game, highlighting why the Square Enix’s decisions earned FFXIV Online a spot in the golden hall of fame. As an overview, the article delves into what makes the game tick, why people keep coming back to Final Fantasy XIV game and hopefully outline why the monthly subscription is not so scary in the grand scheme of things when you have places to visit and people to talk to. 

Beginnings of FFXIV Game

It didn’t begin like a fairy-tale, far from it, actually. When first released, Final Fantasy XIV was a huge mess. Clunky mechanics, convoluted display and difficulty while navigating through menus – such was the reality for the hopeful players who picked up the next installment into the beloved franchise. After the success of FFXI – also an MMO – it was only natural to expect great things of Final Fantasy XIV game. 

But whether it was rush or overconfidence, the game ended up receiving less than stellar reviews and the whole thing flopped before it ever truly took off. The story was there, the spirit was also present… but somewhere along the way, something was lost. There were attempts to fix it, patch the issues and maybe move on. However, when Square Enix replaced major figures in the project, it was decided to start anew. With fresh talent taking the reins, the old FFXIV was shelved, and the new project began. 

Final Fantasy XIV game that we all know (and love), actually appeared years later, after the entirety of the previous iteration was reworked from the grounds up. And this time, it presented all that the fans could want – a true Realm Reborn! Almost all of the graphical issues were fixed, and the game ran smoothly, avoiding the problems that were previously recorded. Probably it helped that with the passage of time certain technologies caught up with the vision of the creators, and thus, enhanced the overall aesthetic of the game. After this much-needed reboot, it is no wonder that Final Fantasy XIV MMO reaps awards and accolades left and right. While still being subscription-based, Square Enix made sure that the player base would get the most out of their money. 

FFXIV Story Quests

As is the tradition with Final Fantasy games, the FFXIV part to the series strongly relies on its story. Being a second MMO in the series, the game seamlessly blends various online aspects with an engaging story, leaving the player with a vibrant world that feels both alive and personal; this is achieved both because of game design and the thriving community. Final Fantasy XIV game might not supply the player with a myriad of choices, but the dramatic and twisting story will occupy the thoughts much like many single-player games would. Just a heads-up: the few following paragraphs will contain spoilers. Should you want to avoid them and simply don’t care to go through that again, feel free to skip ahead! 

It all starts with an adventurer chosen by the light to save the world from the coming darkness. In the land of Eorzea that is occupied by the free nations and the feared Garlean empire, war is threatening to break out and destroy all the people hold dear. Final Fantasy XIV game presents a scenario where the main character swings between two extremes… 

The empire wishes to rid the world of the Primals – ethereal beings that are tied to their followers, feeding off of their hopes, prayers, and sacrifices, as to Garleans this is unacceptable and people should stop relying on something so fickle (says the Empire armed to the teeth and leaning towards the mechanical advancements). Primals, after being threatened, rally their obedient followers and manifest within the world, leaving the Adventurer – now called the Warrior of Light – to beat them back into submission. 

To those who might be familiar with the previous incarnation of Final Fantasy XIV game, the story may sound similar. And for a good reason. The origins of the Warrior of Light are very closely related to the main story of the old FFXIV: the same iconic Bahamut, the repeated sacrifice and the element of time travel. Whether to pay respects to the version that started it all or because the story was too compelling to abandon, it creates links between the two games. To those who follow the FF series to the letter, this is a great tribute. 

Looking at the system behind FFXIV quests, there’s nothing truly original or exceptional, Final Fantasy XIV game follows the well-known formula of completing a task and moving on to the next one. However, the game more than makes up for this with the engaging and intricate story. One plot thread leads to another and is never forgotten or dropped. It just morphs to accommodate new characters and their unique quests.

FFXIV Expansion List

The game has 3 expansions in total, the newest being Shadowbringers. Each of the expansions carries on the story from its predecessor, further opening up the world of Hydaelyn to the player. Such united and concise narrative allows for better storytelling since Final Fantasy XIV MMO is in no rush to dump exposition in the first five minutes. You get to discover and enjoy the world, uncover it at your own pace. 

FFXIV Heavensward

The very first addition to FFXIV main quest was Heavensward. It introduced a new race to the game, as well as three playable classes. But probably the greatest gift Heavensward gave the players was the ability to fly, using the corresponding mount. Such mechanics shortened the travel times and added a level of enjoyment that was previously unexplored. While there’s no air-combat implemented into the story (shame, truly, but we understand!), Final Fantasy XIV game still satisfies the thrill-seekers by giving them a dragon to ride on; he might not breathe fire on enemies, but he’s big, intimidating and barely fits in the doorway, so that evens it out.

FFXIV Stormblood

The second expansion Stormblood also adds new classes, much like its predecessor, but overall it focuses more on the story. The Warrior of Light now brings the fight to the Garlean empire, seeking liberation that was years in the making. No new extraordinary gimmicks were added to the narrative, yet it kept the steady climbing of the tension as the main character faced a threat out of their league. Final Fantasy XIV MMO invested a lot of time in building up character arcs, many of them culminating in sacrifices that leaves you stunned (and if you shed a tear or two, no one will judge you, we’ve all been there!). 

FFXIV Shadowbringers

And after trials and tribulations come the crowning jewel of FFXIV expansion list – Shadowbringers. It changes the proverbial game, challenging the belief of both characters and the players alike. In order not to spoil it, we will be brief – familiar faces return, new ones are introduced and in all the chaos, you have to gather your friends to save the wold just one more time. The latest addition to Final Fantasy XIV game will not disappoint in any aspect: we get new classes, essential reworks, a long-awaited new class and a whole new region to explore! And in a true FF fashion, the twists and turns of the expansion set it as a truly unforgettable experience. 

FFXIV Classes

Now that we covered, in very broad terms, the story that our Warrior of Light lives through, it is time to explain who exactly the main character is – or can be! Basically, as with many MMOs, FF online has the traditional tripart system. Basically, in Final Fantasy XIV game, you can be a healer (three separate classes), a tank (previously established three plus the new Gunbreaker class) or a DPS (melee, ranged or magical). For obvious reasons, the DPS is the largest category, claiming many of the classes under the title. 

FFXIV Seamless Swapping

One of the things that set FFXIV characters apart from other protagonists in MMOs is the ability to swap their selected class. So, let’s assume you picked a tank as your starting class, having high hopes and ready to assist. But what if you find it lacking? Or boring? Well, by Final Fantasy XIV game standards, you can simply pick another class you want, complete their initial questline and you are good to go! The class that your character employs at the given time is determined by the weapon they have equipped. So, your arsenal affects your gameplay, but not the story. You will not have to start from scratch and go through days’ worth of story the next time you want to try out a different class. FFXIV gameplay mechanics have you covered in that regard.

FFXIV Healers

They are probably the cornerstone of a good dungeon run. Final Fantasy XIV game uses the party system where tanks (true to their name) take the blunt of the manage, healers support them and the DPS hacks and slashes heir way towards victory. Or at least that’s how it should be on paper. But no trip to the local not-so-friendly dungeon to visit even less friendly boss will be the same, and thus more often than not the healer has to juggle many things at once – and that’s often true to all classes. 

To help with the task, each of FFXIV jobs has a trick up their sleeve, healers included. Final Fantasy XIV MMO’s gimmick is to make players feel somewhat distinct from one another. Out of three healer classes, White Mage is the only pure healer. Scholar also puts decent amounts of healing on the table, but they also have to manage their pet – a fairy with its own independent healing spells. Finally, there are Astrologians and their cards, offering damage buff to certain players within your party. This class got a major work-over when Shadowbringers was released.  


This is likely self-explanatory. The one requirement for this class is to bring the pain to the enemy, the more the better! Fortunately, Final Fantasy XIV game offers a great variety in terms of the class. You can be a melee fighter, utilizing sword and spears, or maybe distance makes you more comfortable, in that case, there are Bards, Machinists, and newly added Dancer. Want magic? This game has it too! Black mage, red mage, blue mage – all the mages by the colors of rainbows! Well, maybe not that many, but you get the idea.  

Take a look at available FFXIV classes to pick the one that suits your fancy and go fight for the good of all. And remember, if you do not like it, you do not have to stick to it. That’s the appeal that sets Final Fantasy XIV game above many in the market. But keep in mind that many of the DPS avoid the generalized one-size-fits-all method. For example, Samurai and Monk both fight up close and personal but have different utilities and by using those correctly, their immediate role within the party somewhat shifts. This flexibility on a rigid class system keeps FFXIV gameplay entertaining and the combat vibrant. 


True defenders of all that’s good and nice… and their party’s heal points as well! Shadowbringers brought a fourth Tank class to the mix, and it’s safe to say that Final Fantasy XIV MMO is all the better for it. You can never have too many living shield walls! Incredibly useful and coveted, tanks might have slightly lesser success in the open field hunts, but they are the true dungeon masters. Nothing moves without them, and a good tank can determine the course of the battle with a single skill. 

In a tradition long recognized in FFXIV, new classes receive a bit more attention than the older ones – it’s the Darwinism of the game world, after all. However, based on the unofficially established etiquette, never does not mean better. When Final Fantasy XIV game introduced Shadowbringers, they also boosted and altered the rest of the Tank classes, thus the fresh and shiny Gunbreaker will not loom over the rest within its division like a king. Instead, their novelty is counterweighed by the ingrained skill of the other three Tanks. So, no one is left behind or discarded, and all have a part to play in the story and party both.

FFXIV Leveling

Once you have picked your character, it is natural to wonder where to start gaining that coveted level. And the simplest answer is: you go through the story. If this is your first character, nothing beats the main story quests. Final Fantasy XIV game is fairly generous with quest exp, and this gives you a double bonus – you get to advance in level and also go forth with the story. All is good and everyone is happy!

The tricky part comes when you decide to level another class. At that point, it’s safe to assume you ran out of the main story, and often in FFXIV, characters you would make just to try something new are not worth the time and effort. Thus, you take your tried and tested Warrior of Light, give him a new class and move on to FATES. In Final Fantasy XIV game, they are a living world system, designed to help adventurers on the go. 


Basically, FATEs are open events for all to join, your level can be synched so as not to overcome the enemy needlessly (though the level cannot be scaled up, only down). This impromptu group fight does not require a party, the players participating in the same FATE are automatically counted as a unified front. FATEs can come in a variety of forms: escort tasks, elimination quests or even a mini-boss fight. They each have a timer, so be mindful of that! 

Some could be completed solo, but most of them require help (especially at higher levels). These events are sporadic, appearing here and there all over the map. But they are repeated, so if you missed one, you can simply come back around when it starts again. FATEs give out the coveted exp and, more importantly, seals – but more on them later.

FFXIV Dungeons and Duty Finder

But what if you don’t like fates? Not a problem! Final Fantasy XIV MMO gives the players a choice of possible leveling instances. You can take a stab at beating one of the dungeons you’ve unlocked with your progression. The dungeons can be accessed via Duty Finder – a quick and easy tool to find a group of like-minded people to take on difficult instanced maps. Clear and quick, just like most prefer!

Duty finder, in most cases, function as many other party matchmaking systems. It logs your chosen dungeon, marks your current class and gives you the estimate on how long you will have to wait to be placed into a party. Final Fantasy XIV game has an extensive list of available duties, so depending on your preferences and the job you’re currently sporting, you might have to wait quite a while. And this brings us to additional feature the Finder has: you can select an option to be put into a random dungeon (they is caller Roulettes). This not only saves you the time, if you do not have a particular dungeon you want to run through, and also helps those already in a queue, as people can be connected faster. Everyone wins (unless you get wiped by the boss)! 

Final Fantasy XIV game provides the player with a few dungeons via story mode, just enough to get you started. The rest you have to unlock for yourself. Often, they will be locked based on the level and item level, in order to ease the party’s burden. But aside from that, dungeons are a great way to gain exp, grab some shiny loot and kick the asses of several bosses along the way! 

FFXIV Trials and Raids

Did you like fighting that one pesky baddie? Would you like to do it again? You can! Trials are basically one giant collection of all the major adversaries you face during Final Fantasy XIV game progression. And they offer great rewards! The main ones being the Tomes. These are the in-game battle currency, which may be turned in for better armor and weapons. 

Trials also have a semi-upgrade system. Basically, once you beat the trial once, there is an option to up the ante – get the Extreme version of the same boss. As the name might suggest, this version of the Trial is meant to present the player with a challenge, and the only way to win is to know the mechanics and the tells of the boss you are fighting, so you could react accordingly. In Final Fantasy XIV game teamwork is important, and should you find yourself in a tough situation with the boss, try listening to members of your team – they might advise you on the best course of action. Extreme trials, while harder, are also more engaging! 

Last but not least are Raids. In a nutshell, they are more difficult with than Trials, usually containing several boss fights; and some raids even have up to three groups of eight people (so the total is twenty-four players, all working towards the same goal). Staying true to the spirit of Final Fantasy XIV MMO, the Raids have their own place within lore and story, even if they are not directly linked. 

FFXIV Factions

FFXIV Companies 

Unlike with many of MMOs nowadays, factions in FFXIV serve as an additional character progression but does not revolve around any sort of conflict (unless you count the never-ending battle with the hostile environment). Basically, you pick a Company you want to represent – these Grand Companies make up Eorzean alliance, they also act as the starting point for further progression of many of the new characters. 

Once you select the Company you want to work for, the character gains their first rank. Final Fantasy XIV game sets this ranking system as an additional boost, not something that hinders in the long run. If you prefer, you may even skip raising your rank, but then you will miss out on many useful upgrades. By completing tasks given out in the Company’s hub, you earn Seals that you can spend to earn rewards: anything from potions to crafting materials to armor! All in exchange for loyalty and effort! The three Companies you can choose from also correlate to the starting cities within the game, but you may pick Company regardless of your beginner area. 

FFXIV Beast Tribe Quests

Additionally, Final Fantasy XIV game gives the players a chance to get to know your enemy! Yes, you read that right. Once you beat the corresponding storyline involving certain Beast tribe and their Titan, your character can then start working towards understanding the said tribe. FFXIV story does not paint its character black and white (aside from Ascians, those are just mean!). Therefore, when you complete the Beast tribe’s quests, you might gain a new perspective of how they live in these tumultuous times. 

Another aspect of Beast tribes is the ability to forge a kind of connection between you. Granted, the Final Fantasy XIV MMO might be a bit selective in who to give this feature to, but it just makes for better immersion. Tribe quests work similarly to the Company system. Simply complete tasks and get recognition; the higher your recognition, the better items you may acquire from the tribe. It can be items, gear or – if you are persistent enough and work towards it – even a mount! 

FFXIV Commendations

While not directly related to a concrete faction, this feature still serves as a kind of distinction. The basis of commendations is clearest out of all the gimmicks available within Final Fantasy XIV game: if you do well within your party, at the end of Duty (trial, dungeon and so on), your teammates may award you with a point. The more points you get, the better the reward. You can show off your fancy title, so everyone will know you are to be respected! Or maybe you want to get some fashion items, so no one would mistake you for a bad party friend! Basically, you get awarded for doing your job and helping others, so it pays off to be nice and polite! 

FFXIV Customization

FFXIV Fashion

Speaking of fashion, we should probably cover it in more detail. Final Fantasy XIV game is generous when it comes to character customization. Any of the armor selections you unlock are applicable as appearance to another. So, let’s say you really like the style of a jacket you get at level 10, but it’s not like you will wear it till the end of time because it’ll become obsolete in two levels. 

A true crime to fashion… unless you get your hands on some glamour prisms! These wonderful tools transfer the appearance of your desired attire onto another item – as long as both items belong to the same category, e.g. Final Fantasy XIV game won’t allow you to place the look of heavy armor on your healer’s robe. So much wasted potential! 

Still, you may mix and match various sets, grab a headwear from one outfit and combine it with an entirely new jacket. The possibilities are endless! You can even convert any gear to have into glamour items, which will remove them from the armor storage, saving you space. The transformed gear is then kept in a separate dresser – meant only for cosmetic items – and you can make glamour plates from them. All in all, fashioning yourself a cool outfit is easy! 


In Final Fantasy XIV game, if you are not satisfied with what you have or what’s within your reach, you can also explore a bit more expensive option. FFXIV store is always ready to supply the players with seasonal (or not so much) items, many of them are fashion related. So, if you cannot find the right look amidst your gear, you can always purchase the look that catches your eye. 

This option is probably rampant among many games, as it benefits both the buyer and the seller. On the other hand, this is entirely optional in Final Fantasy XIV MMO, as you are free to experiment with your in-game gear. So, in this one, you have a lot of freedom in how your characters look and what they wear – almost like an intricate game of Sims! 

FFXIV Housing

While we are on the topic of Sims, we cannot avoid another vanity-related gameplay element: housing! That’s right, players can now call selected areas of Eorzea their home. Such addition to the game is hardly surprising, as many titles in the genre offer the same. And the system behind it should be similar to gamers outside of Final Fantasy XIV MMO as well. You gather the furniture you want to see in the house and then, obviously, place it there; pick a room and get to decorating! As with the outfits, Square Enix is there to lend a helping hand, as FFXIV store is always open to the hopeful owners of real estate. 

Currently, there are 4 areas where you can buy a lot and settle down. The Mist made of white stone, Lavender Beds with its lush surroundings, the vibrant Goblet and, with the release of Stormblood, Shirogane with its Eastern-inspired aesthetics. There are also plans to add one more area to Final Fantasy XIV game soon. But for now, the existing places serve as the welcome respite to many Warriors of Light. You see, the house comes with the benefit of having many conveniences in one place. Granted, those without a house of their own can access much of the same amenities at Inns (located in each major city), however, there’s a distinct charm and accomplishment to have a place to call your own.

The aforementioned retainers are a kind of side task for the player. Once hired, they can be used to sell items on the market while you are away from Final Fantasy XIV game or just don’t want to deal with the hassle. Furthermore, you may assign a class to them, outfit them with gear and send retainers off to Ventures, that will earn you rewards based on how difficult the task was and how long it took, among them is crafting materials and even dyes for your next fashion project. All in all, it’s good to invest in a retainer, especially since the game gives you 2! And there’s always the possibility to increase that number using FFXIV store. 

FFXIV Mounts

The great achievement in vanity system for Final Fantasy XIV MMO is the mounts. There’s a great variety of creatures – or even things like cars and ships – for you to pick from. Many of them can be gained by simply playing the game. Honestly, many of the bosses in Trials (the Extreme version, so you have to work for it) drop unique mounts. Let’s take the base game (the Realm Reborn) as an example: each of the unlocked Extreme Titan Trials drop a horse-like mount. Once you collect them all, you may begin a quest to get Kirin – a crowned king of horses! 

Yes, Final Fantasy XIV game loves its horses, maybe that’s why most of them look so mesmerizingly fantastical! You should also keep in mind that these mounts can only be earned. In this case, FFXIV store has a different selection of mounts, but there’s an equal number in variety that you can win by playing the game: iconic Chocobos and mechanical contraptions and even tamed wild beasts, all you can think of can be yours! And dragons, there are also dragons. 

Another notable thing when it comes to mounts is the flight mechanic. Heavensward introduced new freedom of movement to Final Fantasy XIV game and allowed the players to take to the skies, which is as engaging as it sounds. Especially since you have to work for it, and the success is all the more satisfying. In order to fly on a certain map, you have to attune to it – log all the available Aether Currents in the area and you are good to go. 

Just… keep in mind that you’ll have to repeat such practice with all the new maps you uncover! Some of the currents need to be discovered out in the wild, others might be earned as a quest reward. Still, Final Fantasy XIV game requires dedication to unlock them all – but just think of soaring high above on your dragon, glancing at all the pesky little enemies on-ground; this thought alone should definitely give you enough motivation to overcome this hurdle.

FFXIV Minions

Finally, we reach the smallest part of the vanity system – smallest by size, not scope! Minions are basically pets, they passively follow you around and just look adorable. Each serves as your dutiful and constant companion; too bad you can only summon one at the time. There are tons of minions for you to pick from: miniature NPCs, cute and resized boss monsters, tiny animals and mythical beasts. If you can imagine it, there’s a chance Final Fantasy XIV game has it.

These minions can be more than just your silent friends. Lord of Verminion, a minion-centered strategy game, gives a new layer to owning as many different minions as you can. It’s an all-out real-time strategy war, with objectives and rules and victory conditions. So, if you want to test your might – or that of your favorite creature – you can make your way to Gold Saucer and sink your hours into overcoming the opponent. 

What sets it apart

FFXIV Gold Saucer

Since we mentioned Gold Saucer, it is time to reveal all the unique features that Final Fantasy XIV MMO has, that elevates it above the rest in the genre. And one of the greatest is the aforementioned Gold Saucer – a casino that houses dozen or so mini-games. By competing in the games, you earn currency unique to Saucer. These winnings then may be exchanged for rewards. Some of the prices might seem awfully high…

However, keep in mind that very little of true value can be earned by playing three games and buying a scratch card (yes, those are real, but only three per day!). Ultimately, Gold Saucer is a great place in Final Fantasy XIV game where you can come to unwind – there are no enemies here, just friendly staff, local timed events, and games! Whether you want to try out the claw machine, or maybe play some basketball, it’s all here! Even Chocobo races are a common event! 

FFXIV Triple Triad

It’s a game within a game – yup, in addition to a 24/7 casino, you also get a card game. It’s pretty popular, actually, many people in Eorzea participate in it on a daily basis! The principle is simple: you collect different cards, make a deck out of them, and then challenge someone! Final Fantasy XIV game has quite a few NPCs scattered throughout the world, they will gladly take you on! And if they prove to be too difficult – or maybe you don’t have time to hunt them all down (proverbially, of course!), there’s always a Triple Triad table waiting for you in Gold Saucer.

The number of obtainable cards offers almost the same variety as minions! There are many for you to collect, and the cherry on tops is that many of the more powerful (and rarer) cards are styled after known characters in Final Fantasy franchise! So, if you have a favorite hero, there’s a chance that Final Fantasy XIV game has immortalized it in a card.

The game itself has several modes, but mostly it revolves around the number the cards have. Different versions of the game pay attention and calculate different digits, but the system relies on this calculation principle. So, be smart, think up a strategy and – above all – make sure to check which mode you are playing on, as that can determine whether you walk out in victory or defeat. 

FFXIV Social system and weddings

In a true JRPG fashion, the game has a wedding system. Now, it might seem superficial to some (especially since the permit has to be bought from FFXIV store), but Final Fantasy XIV MMO is not just a running simulation with beasts and other hindrances. At its core, FFXIV gameplay aims to give the player an Experience (yes, the capital E). 

From the story to characters to customization to, of course, the wedding – it all circles around being memorable. After all, which game you will have fond memories of, the one were you fought the same boss ten times to get the sword you wanted or the one where you met someone special to you and commemorated the occasion with your friends? 

Sure, tying the knot might not be for everyone and Final Fantasy XIV game gets that. Perhaps you precisely want to run in open fields and hunt fiends? There’s a helpful solution for exactly these cases! Linkshells are basically group chats that you can participate in, without actually forming a group; that is, you may be running in a dungeon somewhere, but still talk to all your friends via Linkshell. It’s vastly different from PMs in a manner that you are connected to all the members that belong to the Linkshell. And in case you and your friend somehow ended up in different Worlds (basically servers), you can create a Cross-World Linkshell and seamlessly carry on with your conversation. 

Final Fantasy XIV game carries on with the time-tested tradition of guilds, here called Free Companies. Nothing much is changed in the general and widely accepted system: your guild helps you by supporting you and offering a variety of buffs, while your part is to supply anything that the guild might require. The dual symbiotic relationship!

FFXIV Crafting

Since we touched on the issue of duality, let’s talk about crafting (it’ll make sense, we promise!). Many MMOs tend to focus on the aspect of the battle, relocating the crafts to side-lines, often losing them completely. Well, not so much here. In Final Fantasy XIV game, your crafting career is treated almost as seriously as the battle vocation. The crafts are divided into Disciples of Hand and Land. As the names might suggest, this means that some are making something (the 8 disciplines of Hand), and others are leaning towards gathering the materials (the 3 disciplines of Land). 

Much like with the battle-oriented classes, these vocations are based on the equipped tool, and there is no limit to how many crafting classes a single character can take. That, in turn, means that anything and everything you could want in your crafting journey, Final Fantasy XIV game can help you get; should you want to make next armor or brew better potions, it’s within your control. Simply get the class you need and go forth into the land, get those materials and back to crafting. 

Land and Hand disciplines also have a level and the effect which items you can use and what you might gather. So, it is smart to grab a vocation or two along with your quest to become the Warrior of Light, and level them simultaneously. But it’s not just crafts. These peaceful classes can also be the key in unlocking unique rewards within Final Fantasy XIV MMO, as there are achievements meant only for Disciples of the Land/Hand. The crafting is a key to earning the trust of some Beast tribes, as well, and that earns you a fluffy mount to flaunt around! Ultimately, crafting is not a chore in FFXIV gameplay, it’s an asset.

FFXIV Crossovers

FFXIV is no stranger to crossovers. Probably the one we should mention is the collaboration with Monster Hunter World, during which the players were hunting the great beast Rathalos. It was the instance not unlike Trials, with normal and Extreme difficulty. The whole point of the collaboration was, of course, to promote the new Monster Hunter. Final Fantasy XIV game also has a crossover with Final Fantasy XV, the result of which is the chance to gain Regalia (the absolutely beautiful car) as a mount; the fact that most of the mounts in the game are fantasy-themed, Regalia stands out and is capable of seating several people. Truly a worthy trophy from the collaboration! 

Ultimately, the fact that the game is diverse enough to include other titles in it speaks of its versatility. There are very few – if any – similar practices in the Western MMORPG scene. This breath of fresh air might just be the push in the right direction. Final Fantasy XIV game didn’t hurt itself by including another big name as a headliner for the event. If anything, it was a sound decision. No one wants or needs a revolution in the genre, but some movement between different titles would be an engaging step in the right direction.  

FFXIV Created for fans

Now, not to say that people unfamiliar with the FF series won’t have a blast playing this MMO, but there’s something extra special when you ‘get’ all the Easter eggs hidden throughout the world. There are certain elements that Square Enix puts in all the FF games and Final Fantasy XIV MMO is no exception, and it’s so satisfying to uncover them as you go on with the original story. 

The character named Cid that helps you along, the great beast Bahamut, repeated names of the famed summons, such as Shiva. Honestly, if you follow the series from the beginning, this MMO is a true treat. Not to mention all the great and beloved characters that feature in the Triple Triad cards. FFXIV game has without a doubt established itself as the game that is fundamental to the Final Fantasy line-up. Its characters are even being featured in the new Final Fantasy Dissidia installment. 

Final Fantasy XIV game also borrows concepts from the previous FF titles. Like the Gunbreaker class, that is modeled based on the protagonist in FFVIII. Many of the mechanics behind the gunbreaker’s actions were copied (or heavily inspired) by Squall Leonhart. The newly added race Viera, that came to the game with the release of Shadowbringers, is based on the characters who went by the same name and were heavily featured in Final Fantasy XII. Fran, one of the main characters from the said game, even appears in this expansion. 

And this is if we don’t count the tiny little details that pepper entirety of Final Fantasy XIV game. Everywhere you turn in Eorzea, there’s a chance you will see something that will remind you of the games in the previous series: perhaps it’s the boss that took you a while to beat, or maybe some passing mount, or even a look that someone is sporting. It is in no way a game-breaking experience, but it’s still quite something when you can fondly recall your previous experiences within the franchise while playing something new.