If you thought that we already have more than enough space-themed looter-shooters, think again. Kickstarter community put their resources together and helped Rockfish Games team to reach its Kickstarter funding goal of 450 000 euros for Everspace 2 game with a couple of days to spare.

In fact, Everspace 2’s campaign managed to collect 503 478 euros from 7 979 backers which means that the game not only cleared its initial funding goal but managed to reach its first stretch goal. For this, the developers will add a new end-game area called The Ancient’s Rift which will give players a chance to complete different challenges and earn some sweet rewards.

In case you didn’t know, the original Everspace game was released back in 2016 for PC and made its way to consoles a bit later. The game received a lot of positive feedback with players and game critics praising the game’s visuals, story, and arcade-style combat. It was a roguelike space combat game where you had to shoot down other spaceships, collect loot and craft new equipment and ship modifications. It’s also worth mentioning that you were (and still are) able to play the game in virtual reality.

Everspace 2 promises not to stray too far from the original formula and will introduce even better visuals and a new story, giving us a huge open-world (or should we say ‘open-universe’). Rockfish Games said that Everspace 2’s campaign should be at least 20-hour long and will continue on the story told in the first game. Kickstarter page states that the game should be released on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. However, Rockfish Games said that the sequel won’t be released for Nintendo Switch since it’s too technically advanced for Nintendo’s console.

As for the release date, we still don’t know much about it. The developers promised to send out a prototype demo for Kickstarter backers this December and mentioned that their hope is to release the Early Access version of the game by September 2020. This means that the full release of the game might be set for 2021.

In any case, there’s plenty of time to catch up with Everspace’s story. Be sure to check out our offer for the original game!