If you’re an avid FIFA series fan, you might be wondering what the company will do with FIFA 21 Career Mode which was declining in popularity for a few years now. In an attempt to overhaul the system and make it better, EA Sports released a new video and a post on their website detailing all the changes coming in their new FIFA game.

From what we gather, Career Mode in FIFA 2021 will take a page from Football Manager’s playbook and introduce a few interesting additions which allow players to micromanage a lot more in the game. For example, there’s a new Interactive Match Simulation which will feature a lot more useful information enabling you to make certain strategic decisions during each game. You will be able to see players’ stamina, stats, match ratings, and game plan options enabling you to switch it up on the fly.

Additionally, your team’s players will be a lot more life-like. You will get a chance to boost their stats with special sharpness and fitness sessions while morale will also play a key role here. This stat can increase (or decline) your player’s performance. Players playing in their favorite position will get more bonus points, while points can be taken away if a player is out of their preferred position. For example, playing a center forward on a wing can decline their morale and lower some stats.

Another noteworthy point is the updated Dynamic Player Potential system which was added in a game in FIFA 20. This time around this system will have even more layers enabling you to develop your players the way you want. However, it won’t be simple since you’ll have to balance this development with footballer’s playtime, match ratings and the level of your opponent. In other words, training young talent will be a game in its own right.

Lastly, FIFA 21 Career Mode will introduce a new customization option to schedule training sessions. As a manager, you will have to decide when is the best time to train or rest your players. This adds yet another dimension to your Career, making the game even more realistic.

EA Sports also states that they made improvements to Career Mode AI, meaning that other teams will make more realistic transfers and act upon your decisions on and off the pitch.

With all of this news, it seems like EA Sports didn’t waste their time during the lockdown and did a lot of meaningful changes in order to revitalize their FIFA series. FIFA 21 already seems like a way better game than its previous iteration and we’re excited to learn more about it in the coming weeks.

FIFA 21 is set to launch on October 9th. You can pre-order the game from our store.