Modders have done it again! If you’ve been following the news regarding DOTA 2, you know that the new Auto Chess mod for the critically acclaimed MOBA is super popular amongst the community members. In fact, recently Auto Chess on Twitch got even more popular than the original game. To capitalize on its popularity, Valve has announced that it will be creating a separate game based on the mod.

Here’s the mod in action:

While the original mod was created by a team from China who call themselves Drodo, it seems like they won’t be a part of the development process. The blog post in the official DOTA 2 website reads:

“In February we flew the Drodo team over from China to chat about the future of Dota Auto Chess, and to see if they’d want to collaborate directly with us (this was also during one of the worst weeks of snow we’ve had in years, sorry about that, Drodo). We had great conversations, but we both came to the conclusion that Valve and Drodo could not work directly with each other for a variety of reasons. We ended up agreeing that we’ll each build our own stand-alone version of the game, and support each other to the fullest.”

For quite some time, Drodo has been working on their own version of the game for mobile. Their new game is currently in the beta state. You should check it out if the Chinese language is familiar to you – the link to it can be found here. As for the PC version of Auto Chess, Valve will take over. With a blessing from the creators of the popular mod, Valve is creating a separate game, however, Drodo reassured that the mod for DOTA 2 will still be updated on a regular basis.

While we trust in Valve’s ability to create a quality game, their recent attempt was a flop. Artifact quickly ran out of players. The company previously told that it’s working on fixing it and Auto Chess might be one way to do it. We hope to hear the news regarding both games announced during the annual DOTA 2 celebration – The International 2019, which is scheduled for August 15th – 25th.