While the initial launch window for the upcoming Deathloop game was set for this holiday season, the ongoing pandemic made developers from Arkane Lyon rethink their plan. Yesterday, the game’s publisher Bethesda announced a new date – Deathloop should debut on PC and PlayStation 5 on May 21st, 2021.

The new date was announced with a new trailer on Bethesda’s YouTube channel:

This new date was already foretold by the leak over at New Zeland’s PlayStation Store listing that was quickly removed. And now it’s official! Deathloop will launch with two separate editions – Standart and Deluxe. As usual, Standart Edition will only include a core game while Deluxe will feature some additional content such as unique weapons, character skins, and the original game soundtrack.

We have to be honest that it’s a bit weird seeing Deathloop still going with a PlayStation 5 console exclusive plan since earlier this year we already shared the news about Microsoft acquiring Bethesda. You can read about this deal here. However, the publisher decided to honor its previous agreement with Sony, so if you want to check out Arkane Studios’ newest first-person, time-bending, action game on your huge TV, you’ll have to have PlayStation 5. We still have hope that in the future the game will make its way to Xbox Series X as well but currently there’s no information about that.

If by some chance you haven’t heard about Deathloop before, you should know that it’s a new first-person action game where the player is stuck in a time-loop and has to escape it. Deathloop borrows some elements from other Arkane’s titles such as Dishonored and Prey so if you liked these games, you’ll probably want to check out this one as well.