Two separate games in the same series are bound to be different, especially if they have a 7-year gap. And so, we shall take a closer look at Borderlands 2 vs Borderlands 3 conflict (if you can call it that) and see what was added and what was lost. Perhaps it will convince you (if there is still any convincing needed) to try out one of them, or maybe it will cement your love for the whole series. Either way, if it helps you decide, even if by a long shot, we’ll be pleased. So buckle up, for the entire new world is waiting to be explored!

New team

It is customary at this point that a new Borderlands game will have a new cast as playable characters. The lucky number 4 still proves to be true, so no one gets a point in this Borderlands 2 vs Borderlands 3 competition. However, these new Vault hunters surely deserve an introduction. Following the tradition, one of the people keeping the team alive is a Siren (no surprise there) and this time the great gal is called Amara.

Amara is a brawler and… well, because we are keeping score, we could just as well compare her to Krieg – since both characters are quite the hard-hitters, these true vanguards are not just your least favorite people to insult in a bar. Zane the operative can be categorized as being quite similar to Zero (they went to school together, that totally counts), even if their gameplay is different, they’re both assassins, and that’s what matters!

Borderlands 2 vs Borderlands 3 argument would not be complete without mentioning truly unique characters. FL4K has a veritable army of pets, and like a dedicated cat-lady, they send those ferocious beasts to attack all who look at them the wrong way. And yes, THEM. Because FL4K is a robot and your argument is invalid. Moze is also excitingly original (Gaige’s fans don’t have to rage, these are different characters): Moze can sit in the summoned mech, while Gaige can stick hers on unsuspecting victims – see, different!

Combat enhancements

Of course, no comparison of Borderlands 2 vs Borderlands 3 gameplay intricacies can be done without the main feature: the combat. Is it better? Is it worse? Is it the exact copy of what was 7 years ago? Well, you are in luck, as the combat in Borderlands 3 was vastly improved. Leaving the guns aside, let’s start with the skills. From now on, each of your characters has three active abilities! And the Action skill – the great big bad – is also available from the very start of your play.

Movement is also faster, and even reloading seems seamless. Really, everything combat-related is just seamless and smooth! In Borderlands 2 vs Borderlands 3 brawl, the newest iteration outshines the former legend. Maybe it’s just the currently available technological advancements, but the combat sure has seen plenty of welcomed improvements. In addition to quicker movements, your character may now also jump. This might be a small change, but it still makes a difference in thousands of life and death situations.

You have certainly played Borderlines 2 with your back rammed to the wall, during those moments, how many times have you thought it’d be nice to be able to climb it? The developers heard your prayers! Another difference between the Borderlands 2 vs Borderlands 3 release, is the option to vault over or scale up the ledges. Think it’s not a vast improvement? Say that again when you are cornered behind some dumpster! And the higher you climb, the harder you can slam the ground on the way down. Such descent can lead to a ground pound, which deals damage and is available for every character!

Fancy to look at

Yet another important thing that catches our eye when it comes to games is the visual appeal. Are the characters nice to look at? Is the environment pleasant? Borderlands 2 vs Borderlands 3 comparison might be unfair in this case, since times and technology changed a lot… but we are not saints here and judging is always fun!

So, first things first: Borderlands 3 is way more detailed and crisper than its predecessor. While it can be chalked up to current technology, there is a certain flavor that is uniquely Borderland’ish. The mix between cartoonish and comic book style with additional semi-realism flavor is just fascinating to look at! It also allows for some outrageous designs without seeming out of place.

Speaking of changes, we’re far from finished! Regarding Borderlands 2 vs Borderlands 3, both games introduced some great character models. But compared to Borderlands 2, the newest game has some fancy new looks for the fan-favorites (Maya being one of the more notable examples, but each returning character has some great details tweaked and altered).

Characters are not the only aspects of the game that were built upon. A player will no longer be confined to Pandora. No, with your new giant spaceship for a hub you can travel to different nearby planets, each with their own landscapes and aesthetics. So, if you like exploring, go nuts! While comparing Borderlands 2 vs Borderlands 3, freedom to explore is an addition truly worth the highest of applauds. Oh, just don’t forget to return to Pandora and complete the story, since the planet won’t save itself!

Guns with legs

It’s an ongoing joke when it comes to guns in the franchise. After the mechanic was introduced in Borderlands 2, the 3rd part takes it to a whole new ride. There are more (WAY MORE) combinations and basically no limits when it comes to weapon generator in this game; some of the guns even have a secondary fire. When thinking about Borderlands 2 vs Borderlands 3, imagine a shotgun with the ability to shoot rockets… A true Vault hunter needs a true mayhem weapon, and if you were still lacking guns in Borderlands 2 (however unlikely that may sound), Borderlands 3 offers more than you can chew.

Additionally, if that’s not enough, just play with friends and due to implemented level scaling, you will never have to worry about getting an underpowered loot. You won’t even have to fight over the best guns (think of all the friendships that this will save)! So, playing in groups is more fun and rewarding than ever. Environments can also be interacted with – such as kicking over a flaming barrel (another mark in Borderlands 2 vs Borderlands 3 conflict) – and should you get a pistol that spits out TNT, you can have a field day in this game!

Final note

If you’ve enjoyed the previous Borderlands iterations, and loved the Borderlands 2, the Borderlands 3 release will continue to amaze and surprise even those least expecting! Fans of the 2nd game will have a chance to see their favorites and continue the story of Pandora. And those still new to the franchise will be amazed and mesmerized by the third addition to the series – probably enough to go backward and play through the previous parts as well. Overall, Borderlands 2 vs Borderlands 3 quarrel is just another fun way to present a looter shooter series able to immerse everyone daring to give it a try! So, step up, grab a walking turret gun and save Pandora from an insane cult.