There’s a popular misconception among non-gamers that people who play video games are an anti-social crowd. Well, if there’s one thing that proves this statement wrong, it’s the most popular games of August. Yes, in August gamers were forming bonds in online multiplayer games that are enjoyed by a massive amount of players daily! So what was it that gamers played?

Click here to see and buy games that seem to never lose their popularity. Here are a few examples:


Does it amaze you that Minecraft keeps topping the charts? The game is a global phenomenon and still attracts new players daily. If you look at the statistics, there are over 3 million players building in Minecraft daily. It not only attracts audiences of various ages but also artists and designers, giving them an unlimited blank canvas for creativity.

Minecraft does not lose its popularity

They say Rome wasn’t built in a day, but it sure was molded one brick after the other. In Minecraft, block after block, you’ll build your own towns and cities – real or imaginary. Let your imagination run wild and create whatever you can come up with. The whole world of Minecraft is your playground. Join one of the biggest communities in the gaming world!

Fall Guys

You thought Fall Guys will go down in popularity? Think again! The game just got a cool Sonic-themed upgrade with new skins and maps. Fall Guys player base is unstoppable. The title falls under the category of a perfect party game. You can play it solo online with people from around the world or together with friends. 

Fall Guys

Fall Guys don’t require any prior gaming baggage and anyone can pick it up and play, even people who are not hardcore gamers. This makes Fall Guys that perfect party game which parodies various knockout game shows. Who cares if you’re a kid or an adult, pro gamer or a complete novice, because in the end, Fall Guys will make you scream, laugh, and cheer.

Outriders Worldslayer

Outriders Worldslayer

If you’re into the looter-shooter genre and you’re tired of all the Divisions, Borderlands, and Destinies, Outriders might just be what you are craving. Sure, the game’s story is a bit lacking, but it shines where it counts the most – gameplay, loot, and awesome combat. Worldslayer expansion doubles down on what made the base Outriders game good – power fantasy and expansive character build. It’s the qualities many RPG gamers value, and Outriders shines in this department. There’s a lot of potential for the game and many players are acknowledging it!

This is just a small fraction of titles gamers were obsessed with in August. Wanna see more?

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