It looks like Ubisoft’s decision to get back to the Anno series’ roots, set in the industrial age, paid off. The company has announced that their latest entry Anno 1800 has become the fastest selling title compared to other Anno games. Ubisoft brags that in its first week Anno 1800 sold four times as many copies as Anno 2205.

While we don’t have the exact sales figures, we can estimate that Anno 1800 is nearing its first million. Although on its launch Anno 1800 has been sold on Epic Store and Uplay platforms, the game’s pre-orders were also available on Steam. On the launch day, Anno 1800 had 25,214 active players, beating Anno 2205’s all-time record (7,401) by quite a large margin.

In a special press release from a team, Benedikt Grindel, the managing director at Ubisoft Blue Byte studio said:

“Anno 1800 has been an incredible journey for all the people working at Ubisoft Blue Byte and we are so happy to see that players really enjoy playing our game. Since the announcement of the game, the community of Anno 1800 has provided us with countless useful feedback through our community platform Anno Union and helped us releasing an excellent game. We really feel privileged to have one of the most committed communities of the video game industry. After this amazing and successful launch, we now completely focus on delivering the best post-launch content possible for Anno 1800 and can’t wait to show you more!”

In addition to the record-breaking sales, Ubisoft also shared an interesting infographic featuring some impressive in-game numbers that the players have reached throughout the first week. You can check them down below:

Anno launched on 16th of April and is one of the best selling games on Eneba store as well.