In the most general sense possible, there are no good, nor are there any bad games, as in the end, your evaluation of the game’s quality is mostly based on your own personal preference, however, some titles can easily be skipped without any hesitation, and some others are undeniable must-plays. Based solely on our personal experience and knowledge about video games, Eneba blog team presents a carefully constructed and crafted list of must-play PC games.

We are only human, and humans are likely to make mistakes, so we apologize in advance if your beloved and most appreciated title didn’t make into our suggested listing. There can be no arguing that a short blog post, such as this particular one, cannot contain all the marbles that the gaming industry has so generously produced over decades upon decades of the creative conscious stream. Nonetheless, we have put our very best thoughts and intentions within this humble collocative collection of the must-play PC games, and we do think you’ll enjoy it plenty.

There has never been a better time to dive into the video game market, full speed, face forward! And while this particular alignment of suggestions is oriented towards the keyboard and mouse squad, we certainly don’t exclude the platform-lovers, as each of the games presented further down the page are available on your preferred device, whether it’s PC, Xbox One X, Nintendo Switch, or a PS4 Pro. We don’t differentiate, we don’t judge, we only offer, and we simply suggest. Without further ado, let’s start our must-play PC games listing rolling!

Metro: Exodus

For years Metro series by 4A Games has been pushing the technical markers of personal machines forward. If you’ve been playing PC games for a while, you know that the new Metro franchise release had meant an almost certain upgrade necessity to your rig. If by any chance you’ve missed on any of the Metro titles, we highly recommend to first try Metro 2033, then move onwards to Metro: Last Light, and once you’ve finished the two, Metro: Exodus, the newest action-adventure FPS awaits! 4A games newest release can easily be considered as one of the must-play PC games based on the information that we’ve seen so far, and the tremendous success of the previous titles.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

There probably isn’t a single gaming-related list throughout all the internet realm in which one wouldn’t find The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt by CD Projekt RED. It’s the fourth year since the game’s release and the gaming community agrees: this action RPG is still one of the most ambitious, well-executed, and immersive must-play PC games around. The game offers breathtaking narrative, excellent gameplay mechanics, thrilling environments, and hours upon hours of in-game depth. Even if we’d exclude everything we’ve just said, the sole fact that the game holds 36 possible endings is simply mind-boggling.

Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey

Ubisoft has released quite a few Assassin’s Creed games over the years, and we could name quite a few that would be worth to consider as the must-play PC games, however, what the developers have managed to accomplish with the Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey release is just incredible. Assassin’s Creed franchise was ageing, and fans did feel it, but the newest release has revitalized the series completely. It truly feels as if the game is on a whole another level than its predecessors. Open-world environments are incredible, the massive battles between Spartans and Athenians are captivating with cruelty, and the narrative you’ll fall in is full of emotion and careful thought.

Dark Souls 3

We’ve decided to suggest Dark Souls 3 as one of the must-play PC games simply because there’s nothing like it in terms of the balance between difficulty and entertainment. From Software developers have outclassed themselves with this release. It is absolutely true that their game is extraordinarily hard to master, however, compared to the previous Dark Souls titles, it’s certainly possible, and not only is it possible, in this one it’s actually quite satisfying to fail. Somehow the creators have managed to capture the feeling of fairness in this dark and twisted reality and dying in this action RPG piece only motivates you to try harder!

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Some must-play PC games don’t necessarily need a 30-hours plus narrative, quests that send you flying across the globe, and vivid outer-worldly characters that shine brightly with personality, and most desirable character features. Some games are simply amazing because they capture the most intense of emotions and holds them hostage until the very end of the gameplay. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive or simply CS: GO by Valve is exactly that. It’s a constantly updated classic tactical shooter that came out 6 years ago, and up until now only grows in popularity.

Monster Hunter: World

In our humble opinion Monster Hunter: World is amongst the must-play PC games simply because it’s a franchise that for the longest period of time couldn’t reach us. This Capcom creation presents a world where wyverns, dragons, and all sorts of other mythical beasts still roam free. They ravage the lands, they kill off those that stand in their path, and the time for you to interfere has finally come. You play as a monster hunter, dedicated to slaying these indescribable creatures, you analyse them and then make your move. The experience, to say the least, is thrilling, and the outcome of conquering over such being is rewarding beyond words.

These six must-play PC games are amongst a hundred more that we’d like to present (and we highly anticipate to do so in the upcoming future), by no means are they the only ones worth your every single second invested, however, each of these will provide you with a guaranteed and full envisioned experience. If you’d think about it, a video game is like an undefined story, you are presented with a framework, and you work your way around it to write the best experience possible. Video games are neither good nor are they bad — it’s how you play them that matters.

You can find these six, as well as countless other must-plays in our Eneba marketplace.