Sometimes having a small chill run down your back while you try not to squirm in your seat is a good thing, it keeps things interesting! And that is one of the reasons why the horror genre will probably never die. In this article we will focus on some of the best horror games, PC edition that came out in the most recent few years period – we all love classics, but often enough the newest technological advancements can help convey the fright even better. The following titles will not be presented in any particular order but just know this – all the games on the list filled us with fright, from head to toe.

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Daymare 1998

We begin the list with a homage to the old but iconic horror survival games from the 90s. Daymare 1998 is set in a quaint town that was beset by an unknown and very ferocious disease; twisting the peaceful citizens into horrific monsters. The player takes control of three different characters and such unique mechanic certainly earns it a spot-on the best horror games (PC or otherwise) list. Each character offers its own perspective on the event, leaving you to piece together what happened.

But your search for the truth is only half the work. You’ll also have to survive long enough to be able to put the gained knowledge to meaningful use. Solve puzzles, evade the enemies and be smart with your encounters, this game is surely not a cakewalk. Your ammunition will be sparse, and the game forces you to manage it well; utilize all the tools at your disposal and use the surrounding environment to your advantage.

The Evil Within 2

A sequel to the first game by the same name, best horror games PC would not be the same without the Evil Within 2. The main protagonist returns, but this time the story takes a personal torturous turn as you fight through the horrors in order to find and save Sebastian’s daughter Lily. Along the way, there will be remnants of past trauma as well as new terrifying threats, so if you have enjoyed the first part, the second one is going to blast you away.

This time you will be trapped in a Union, a nightmare of a city where the monstrous Lost roam. It is up to you to choose how to proceed: you may run and hide from the horrors since this addition to best horror games PC offers plenty of freedom, you can create traps that will help you catch the enemy by surprise. Ultimately, you can fight them with your gun, but the ammo is not endless, so keep that in mind (empty gun makes for a poor defense in this one). The signature atmospheric horror remains, every detail oozes dread and serves to increase the unease of the player – and that’s what we are here for!

The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan

We will probably not surprise anyone by placing Man of Medan in the list of best horror games; PC, PS4 and Xbox users all can see what the creators of the well-received Until Dawn cooked up now. The long story you will have to play for yourself, but the short version is this: a group of companions disturbs an abandoned ship that – surprise surprise – has ghosts lurking around. And now it’s up to you to decide who lives and who dies, or if anyone at all will make it out alive. Be as benevolent or as cruel as you want but remember that all those screams are on you!

The tension doesn’t have to rest on your shoulders alone in this example of best horror games PC. Grab a friend and connect via co-op mode. Each of you control a character and try to overcome the obstacles. Communication is the key here since if you all do your own thing, ghosts can end up gaining the upper hand. Additionally, if you want some more involvement from your friends, you can use the movie night option, it allows for up to 5 people to play in a local co-op, increasing your chances but also causing a lot of mayhem too. Still, there’s strength in numbers and this is your chance to have a fun yet challenging and engaging evening get-together.

Blair Witch

No best horror games PC listing would be complete without an interactive adventure based off of a true classic. Blair Witch and the myth surrounding it has fascinated people of all ages, and now video game lovers can face the mysterious evil all on their own. Step into the shoes of Ellis, a former detective as he gets involved in the search for a missing boy. Venture into the woods and try to keep your sanity intact as reality wraps around you.

With a trusted dog Bullet by your side, you have a case to solve. However, the big bad witch of best horror games PC list will do all in her power to twist you around. Because the game is in the first person, all the mind-boggling tricks will feel extra real. Ellis’s past will also come back to keep you on your toes. As you uncover more about the forest and the forces behind it, you will find it even harder to discern what is real and what’s not. Luckily you have Bullet by your side, do not forget to pet him and give him treats He’s a good boy and he deserves it!  

Call of Cthulhu

The crowning jewel of our best horror games, PC or any other medium, is, of course, related to the cosmic horror! There is just something particularly terrifying about the unknown, and this was the undeniable truth for countless of years. The story of the game takes place in 1924 when Edward Pierce comes to Darkwater Island in order to investigate the death of the Hawkins family. However, the isolated island can present more of an obstacle than Edward thought. Secrets lurk in the dark shadows and you never know which turn will prove to be fatal.

The gameplay is both straightforward and intricate. Of course, the best horror games, PC especially, don’t tend to have complicated button-mashing gameplay. Similarly, in this one, you will also have to find ways to move forward and advance the story, as simple as that. You may talk with someone and reveal new secrets, or maybe you will sneakily steal the keys and go forward that way. Fight to preserve your sanity in the face of the great cosmic entity that wants to claim you for its own.

Bonus: The Sinking City

Lovecraftian monster sure holds a throne when it comes to horror games. The mystery and fascination surrounding Cthulhu spawned more than one engaging title and some of the best horror games PC lists boast having this mythos in one form or another. And so, we added the Sinking City as a bonus! Quite like Call of Cthulhu, The Sinking City features a desolate town and suffering detective. You have to figure out what happened to the place, by solving one case at the time. And due to there being more than one way to approach the problem, the game has high replayability.

You will have to work hard to keep the detective’s sanity intact, especially when the oppressive atmosphere will try to crush you to the ground. This iteration of the best horror games, PC edition, well deserved its spot due to the sanity management system. Prepare to face the scary environment while keeping a clear understanding of what is real and what is not. When it comes to cosmic horror, it doesn’t get any more real than Cthulhu. Knowledge might be scary, but the unknown is just plain terrifying!

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