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Sons Of The Forest (PC) Steam Key GLOBAL

Sons Of The Forest (PC) Steam Key GLOBAL

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    Auto-translatedA very good survival game, I highly recommend it. Unfortunately, the game is hardware-intensive (if you don't have a good computer, don't buy it),

Product description

Sons Of The Forest

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Endnight Games – the studio behind the highly acclaimed The Forest, invites you to test your might and survival skills in the sequel – Sons of the Forest. With new gameplay mechanics, improved graphics, a hauntingly beautiful open-world island to explore, and endless possibilities for crafting and building, this survival horror simulator is a heart-pumping adventure that will test everything you’ve got. Will you survive the cannibal-infested hellscape and return home, or will you become another victim of this terrifying island? Buy the Sons of the Forest Steam key cheaper and find out!

Sons of the Forest game features

These Sons of the Forest features will do both – help you survive and try to kill you. Here’s what you can expect from this game:

  • Complete freedom. Explore the island how you want - decide what to do, where to go, and how to survive, you have complete freedom to explore;
  • No NPCs giving orders. Tired of NPCs giving you boring fetch side quests and distracting missions? In Sons of the Forest, you play and do what you want. There are no NPCs to distract you;
  • They’re after your flesh. Fight against mutated creatures, some almost human-like and others never seen before;
  • Build and craft to survive. Break sticks for fires, use an axe to cut out windows and floors, and build small cabins or sea-side compounds;
  • Build an arsenal. From handcrafted pickaxes to found weapons – your chances of survival increase, but will that be enough?
  • Changing seasons. Pluck fresh salmon in spring and summer, and store meat for the cold winter months – changing seasons will make you improvise and adapt to new circumstances and harsh environments;
  • Play alone or with friends. Explore the island above and beyond and increase your chances of survival by playing with friends. But don’t get too comfortable, everyone here is trying to survive;
  • • Cheap Sons of the Forest price.

Survival of the fittest

In this gripping open-world survival horror simulator, you are tasked with finding a missing billionaire whose last know whereabouts are on a remote island. As you embark on this mission, you quickly discover that the island is infested with cannibals who are relentless in their pursuit to capture and feast on your flesh. With limited resources and insurmountable odds, you must do everything to survive. You will need to gather materials, craft weapons and tools, and build a shelter to protect yourself from the dangers that lurk around every corner. Whether you choose to brave the island alone or with friends, you will need to rely on your survival skills to overcome the challenges that lie ahead. Every decision you make will have consequences, and every step you take will bring you closer to either salvation or certain doom. Buy Sons of the Forest Steam key and find out if you have what it takes to survive in the harsh environment and against the onslaught of the cannibals.

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Other details

  • Languages
    • English
    • French
    • German
    • Italian
    • Spanish - Spain
  • Release date
    February 23, 2023
  • Publisher
    Endnight Games Ltd
  • Developers
    Endnight Games Ltd
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