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King Arthur: Knight's Tale (PC) Steam Key GLOBAL

King Arthur: Knight's Tale (PC) Steam Key GLOBAL

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Reviews: 3

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    I loved it! A turn-based action RPG mix. I don't really like this type of graphics, but it suits the gloom of the game. The story is quite twisty.
    austriaKnights Tale11/12/2023
    Auto-translatedCool game, great tactical battles in X Com style. All in all, a very successful pastime, but the story could have been a little denser and more gripping.
    austriaKNIGHTS TALE11/12/2023
    A really nice game, separated into missions with turn based fighting like x-com. A dark story runs behind it, and you have some heroes to recruit along the way whose names you will recognize.

Product description

King Arthur: Knight's Tale (PC) Steam Key

Developers and publishers NeocoreGames present an important creation for every fan of the RPG genre King Arthur: Knight's Tale (PC) Steam key, that is able to perfectly mix turn-based, tactical gameplay, and character-driven RPG mechanics. This game offers a modern take on the famous King Arthur’s mythology and story, where you will find both dark fantasy and traditional tales of knights. In the game, you will control a band of heroes through dangerous battlefields. Also, you will have to decide on difficult moral choices, create your hero, and even build! You will explore a nightmarish world, where angry monsters and magical creatures will be waiting for you in castles and forests. The battle between Arthur and Mordred has ended with death, and in this title, you will experience consequences.

King Arthur: Knight's Tale features

Get ready to experience these game’s elements, that won’t let you get bored:

  • Personalities of heroes. Every hero of the game has his own unique character, tasks, and rivals, as well as unique skills and other elements. They will take into consideration your decisions, so you will have to deal with their opinion, and also please their needs. Some heroes can perfectly work together, so it’s a good idea to send certain heroes together in missions. Their loyalty depends on many factors. Just don’t forget that they can leave your band and even become enemies;
  • You are a monarch. Your actions and moral decisions will decide what kind of King you will be. The Morality Chart will monitor your place between Christianity and old beliefs, between tyranny and rightfulness. Your decisions will change how the chart will look and even change gameplay and story;
  • Hard choices. In the game, you will be able to choose one of 4 different difficulty modes, so you will be able to enjoy the story or participate in the most brutal Avalon’s battles. Players who are hungry for extreme difficulty will choose the Roguelite mode. Every small decision will matter. These are not only moral choices but your actions during battles as well. Don’t forget that every playthrough of this game is different and unique;
  • The end is only the beginning. Play through the game once or experience different branches of the story, and then unlock the game's true ending, which is only for the bravest. New challenges, new bosses, quests, more loot, and renewed character progression will strengthen you for the last battle against a gigantic God of Fomorians Balor;
  • • Cheap King Arthur: Knight's Tale (PC) price.

What more can you expect?

Resurrected in the Avalon, Arthur now is an immortal and crazy king, whose pain slowly changes the magical place into a nightmarish zone. In the King Arthur: Knight's Tale (PC) Steam key game, you will control Mordred, and your mission will be to find and defeat Arthur because only then the curse can be stopped. Get ready to gather your band of warriors and send them to complete various objectives and fight in deep and tactical battles. While creating your team, you will be able to choose from 6 classes. Also, you will be able to level up your heroes, unlock skill points, and use the best gear, found during missions. Just don’t forget that your heroes can die, so it will be important to take care of them, clean curses, and heal diseases. In your base Camelot you have to create care facilities, and in various missions choose different heroes. Are you ready for breathtaking battles in the fantasy world?

System requirements

Minimum system requirements

  • 64bit support
  • System requirements
    Windows 10
  • Processor
    Intel i5-4690 / AMD FX 4350
  • Memory
    8 GB RAM
  • Graphics
    Nvidia GTX 780 / AMD Radeon R9 280X
  • DirectX
  • Storage
    120 GB

Other details

  • Languages
    • English
  • Release date
    April 26, 2022
  • Publisher
  • Developers
  • Works on