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    Описание продукта


    Developers BlueTwelve Studio and publishers Annapurna Interactive present a unique game Stray (PC) Xbox Live key, that lets you immerse in the role of not a human, but a cat! Lost, alone, and far from her family, the cat must uncover the secrets of the past, escape from a long-forgotten cybercity, and find her home. Only you will decide the fate and the culmination of the story for this animal. You will fall in love with Stray, if you like third-person adventure games, taking place in detailed and atmospheric surroundings. A huge cybercity is falling apart. It seems, that there is not so much life left. You will travel through various places, low and high, defend yourself from unsuspected dangers, and solve various puzzles in hostile environments, where only strange droids and dangerous creatures live.

    Stray features

    Get ready for these game’s features, that will make your experience amazing:

    • A world in the eyes of a cat. View the world from the position of a cat. Interact with environments in various funny ways. Use stealth and be nimble yet silly and obnoxious when interacting with strange inhabitants of a mythical world;
    • Not alone. During your journey, you will meet a small flying drone, named B-12. With his help, you will escape the cybercity together;
    • The atmosphere of cyberpunk. In the game, you will experience this popular sub-genre of science fiction in a new way, from a perspective of a cat. Will you be able to survive in the dark and hostile world as an animal?
    • Big ambition from a small company. The Stray is created by a small company “BlueTwelve Studio” from South France. It is said that the staff is mostly cats and just a couple of humans. Anyways, for a long time, Stray has reached a lot of anticipation from fans of video games. The game from a small company can become a huge hit;
    • • Cheap Stray (PC) price.

    What more can you expect?

    The Stray (PC) Xbox Live key game is a combination of action, adventure, exploration, and platforming genres, that should be enjoyed by players who are in this kind of experience. The creators decorated their game with the atmosphere of cyberpunk, neon lights, and the sad reality of the future. But in order for players not to get especially depressed, they made the protagonist of the game a nimble, cute, and smart cat. This concept is truly unique and original, so the game can be also enjoyed by those, who just want something new and fresh. If you are interested, don’t wait any longer and grab the Stray at the cheapest price today! Maybe it will be your GOTY?

    Другие детали

    • Языки
      • Английский
    • Дата выпуска
      10 августа 2023 г.
    • Издатель
      Annapurna Interactive
    • Разработчики
      BlueTwelve Studio