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The Last Rolling Hero Steam Key GLOBAL

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    Описание продукта

    The Last Rolling Hero Steam Key

    You crash land on the peaceful planet whose residents are unaware of the huge war happening in the galaxy. At first, they are frightened of you, yet eventually, their curiosity takes over and they come out to investigate. You tell them stories and you make new friends. They help you to fix your ship but out of nowhere a warlord appears and enslaves your new friends. As it turns out, the core in their little robot body can power the whole spacecraft. Being the war hero you are, your mission is to free your new friends from captivity, and with RHDI Interactive’s The Last Rolling Hero Steam key, you are going to do exactly that.

    The Last Rolling Hero game features

    As a war hero, you’ll save your friends by shooting and platforming your way through the gorgeously designed levels with these The Last Rolling Hero key features:

    • Beautiful levels. There are more than 20 gorgeous levels for you to shoot and platform in, all powered by Unreal Engine 4 – from stunning sunsets to huge spaceships in the background;
    • Level it up! As a war hero and a hardened soldier, you’ll be getting character upgrades, bonuses, and power-ups;
    • Beautiful Story. Shooting and jumping are always great but nothing engages as much as a heartwarming story;
    • Two game modes. Play through the game with or without enemies and get the highest score possible to be the best player on the leaderboards;
    • • Cheap The Last Rolling Hero price.

    Save your friends

    Due to Unreal Engine 4, this simple shooter-platformer looks stunningly gorgeous. You can play the game in two modes. Play with enemies, save your new friends and experience the heartwarming story or disable the opposition and compete in the leaderboards against other players. Moreover, the game levels were designed in the mind of speedrunning! Get bonuses and power-ups, upgrade your character, jump, shoot and defeat huge bosses with The Last Rolling Hero Steam key. The fate of the Lumi race is in your hands.

    Системные требования

    Минимальные системные требования

    • Системные требования
      Windows 7
    • Процессор
      Intel i-Series at 2GHz or AMD
    • Память
      3 GB RAM
    • Графика
      GTX 550ti 1GB VRAM or analogue
    • DirectX
    • Хранилище
      15 GB

    Другие детали

    • Языки
      • Английский
    • Дата выпуска
      22 марта 2018 г.
    • Издатель
      RHDI Interactive
    • Разработчики
      RHDI Interactive
    • Работает на