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Wolfenstein: Youngblood (Uncut) Bethesda.net Key GLOBAL

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  • On May 11th, 2022, Bethesda Launcher was shut down. All Bethesda.net keys can now be activated on Steam. Product CAN'T be activated in these countries: Belarus, Saint Helena, Moldova, Russia, Ukraine.

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    Wolfenstein: Youngblood key

    Wolfenstein: Youngblood (Uncut) key presents an all-out blasting co-op FPS shooter that follows the events set in the near future after the events of the previous iterations. Here, you’ll play the former protagonist BJ’s Blazkowicz twin daughter duo, the two girls are all grown up and ready to fight the Nazi platoons the same way as their father did – no remorse, no mercy, full gore, unmeasured violence.


    Buy Wolfenstein: Youngblood key and visit the 1980s Paris. However, the city is not quite the same as the one we are used to seeing, as it is set in an alternate reality. Witness the unsettling sights and sounds of the Nazi-infested environment and find your missing father! It won’t be an easy task, but BJ’s Blazkowicz daughters are more than ready for the awaiting challenges.


    For the first time in the series, the captivating FPS shooter offers a frantic co-op experience! With Wolfenstein: Youngblood key in your possession you’ll be able to partake in the awaiting challenges together with your friend! Twin sisters, two players, twice the fun! However, if there are no friends on sight, an excellent AI companion will be more than happy to join you!


    As in the previous Wolfenstein games, with Wolfenstein: Youngblood key you’ll be able to choose from a whole arsenal of deadly firearms, execute numerous twisted moves, learn new traits and abilities, and immerse in a captivating storyline! Expect unlimited action, devastating battle sequences, a lot of cooperative engagement, and of course, unmatched levels of entertainment. Experience all that this game can offer first-hand!

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    • Idiomas
      • Espanhol
      • Francês
      • Inglês
      • Italiano
      • Polaco
    • Data de lançamento
      25 de julho de 2019
    • Publisher
      Bethesda Softworks
    • Developers
      Machine Games / Arkane Studios