PlayStation Network Card 40 GBP (UK) PSN Key UNITED KINGDOM

PlayStation Network Card 40 GBP (UK) PSN Key UNITED KINGDOM

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  • United KingdomCan't be activated in United States of America
  • PSN
    PSNActivate/redeem on PSN
    Check activation guide
  • Digital keyThis is a digital edition of the product (CD-KEY)Instant delivery
Works on:
  • PlayStation 3
  • PlayStation 4
  • PlayStation 5
United KingdomUnited Kingdom

Value:40 GBP
Available at checkout:
Eneba Wallet
Credit or debit card
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Important Notice:
  • No expiration date. Code is valid only for the United Kingdom PSN store. Make sure that your account is registered to United Kingdom.

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Product description

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PlayStation gift card 40 GBP (UK) is beneficial in multiple ways to anyone who owns a PlayStation console and is connected to the Sony Entertainment Network Store. It’s a fast, safe, and cost-efficient way to take care of your PlayStation needs. Use the value 40 PSN card to increase the amount of funds in your own PSN account or surprise your friends and family with a gift that any PlayStation gamer would kindly appreciate. Make the purchase and explore the new possibilities!

Products and services featured on the PSN Store

Choose from an incredible variety of PlayStation video games on offer, ranging from the latest triple-A titles to iconic, platform-exclusive game series. 40 GBP will be more than sufficient to enjoy downloadable content for your favorite games on the PlayStation platform! Aside from that, the PlayStation Store offers a generous selection of films, TV shows, songs, add-ons and subscriptions service like PS Now or PS Plus. Get the value 40 PSN card and enjoy!

PlayStation gift card as a means of saving

That’s right! Shopping on the PlayStation Network with a PSN gift card actually helps you save! PSN codes don’t have a stable price which often means you can purchase them cheaper than the monetary value they provide on the PlayStation digital storefront. Furthermore, one of the biggest benefits of a PSN voucher is that it has no expiration date. You can buy one now at the current price and keep it indefinitely until the right moment arrives. This way you can save the 40 PSN card for a special occasion!

Perfect gift for a PlayStation console owner!

Don’t have any specific gift ideas? Not a problem! If the receiver of your gift is someone who owns a PlayStation console, simply send them a digital PSN card. This way you’ll provide your friend or a family member the freedom to choose from a wide assortment of products and services featured on Sony Entertainment Network Store. Maybe the person you chose to surprise with a PlayStation card has been saving for a specific game for quite a while now? Sending them a 40 PSN card can finally help them to reach their goal!  

Additional PSN codes to choose from

Always keep in mind that you can take care of your PlayStation needs on Eneba cheaper! If 40 GBP gift card is too much or not enough, browse through our catalog and pick from the United Kingdom region PlayStation Network cards that range in value from 5 GBP to 100 GBP. Feel free to pick according to your needs or choose to explore the selection of PlayStation Now or PlayStation Plus membership extensions. If, after all, the value 40 PSN card is a purchase of your choice, here are the instructions on how to redeem any of the PSN codes.

Activation process:

  1. • Open a Sony Network Entertainment account on PSN (or use your existing Sony Entertainment Network account);
  2. • Select the PlayStation®Store icon on the PS4™ system home screen;
  3. • When on PlayStation Store, select Redeem Codes at the bottom of the menu;
  4. • Enter the key code you’ve received in your email;
  5. • Select Continue on the dialog box;
  6. • Select Confirm to accept the terms and services pop-up;
  7. • Select Continue to complete 40 PSN card code activation!

Other details

  • Release date
    November 29, 2013
  • Publisher
    Sony Online Entertainment
  • Developers
    Sony Online Entertainment