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Soma (Xbox One) Xbox Live Key EUROPE

14,99 €
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  • Xbox Live
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Works on:
  • Xbox One
  • Xbox Series X

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    Product description

    Soma (Xbox One)

    Soma key presents a sci-fi horror survival game developed by Frictional Games — a company that also created Amnesia: The Dark Descent. The game is set in an underwater facility called PATHOS-II, the year is 2104, and humanity has been wiped out by the massive comet. The very few surviving humans are isolated in this facility for over a year, and bad goes to worse when the AI machines begin to mutate and acquire human-like qualities.

    Buy Soma key and play as the protagonist Simon Jarrett, you wake up in the PATHOS-II facility almost a century after you had a car crash leaving you with severe brain damage. Will you survive? What will you do? Psychotic AI lurks behind every corner, and as far as your Soma key goes, you might as well be the single survivor left on earth.

    There’s no in-game ability to fight the machines, so you must avoid them, hide in the shadows or outsmart them at all cost. Find out what has happened to you and the other PATHOS-II residents. Buy Soma key, uncover the horrors of the future and help to preserve what’s still left of humanity!

    Pozostałe szczegóły

    PEGI 16
    • Języki
      • Angielski
      • Francuski
      • Niemiecki
      • Portuguese-Brazil
      • Rosyjski
      • Włoski
      • hiszpański, kastylijski
    • Data wydania
      22 września 2015
    • Wydawca
      Frictional Games
    • Deweloperzy
      Frictional Games
    14,99 €

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