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  • Grand Theft Auto V: Premium Online Edition (Xbox One) Xbox Live Key UNITED STATES
Grand Theft Auto V: Premium Online Edition (Xbox One) Xbox Live Key UNITED STATES

Grand Theft Auto V: Premium Online Edition (Xbox One) Xbox Live Key UNITED STATES

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  • No expiration date. The product works ONLY in countries that have XBOX LIVE service available: https://www.xbox.com/en-US/live/countries . Make sure that your account and IP is LOCATED in one of the supported countries!

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Grand Theft Auto V: Premium Online Edition (Xbox One)

Buy Grand Theft Auto V: Premium Online Edition key and immerse into a vast world of GTA online, start your journey with plenty of content already in your possession! Not only will you get the base game, Grand Theft Auto V, but you’ll also receive the Criminal Enterprise Starter Pack for the GTA Online - Rockstar Social Club experience. There’s no question about it, it is well worth getting into! Why? If you don’t feel like grinding in yet another RPG-like journey where everyone is way ahead, and you must start from the very scratch like a complete underdog, this key right here is the answer your callings.

Lifesaver for Starters

Grand Theft Auto V: Premium Online Edition key offers one of the best ways to start your GTA V online journey. With this awesome edition, your in-game character will instantly get content estimated to be worth for over ten million bucks (GTA$), and an additional one mill bonus cash straight to your in-game bank account! Join the Rockstar Social Club with a bang, acquire this starter pack and dive into the wealth of content right from the get-go. This version is aimed at players who’re just about to begin their endeavours, and if you lack the energy or time required for grinding, this pack is a lifesaver!

Rockstar Social Club Facilities Await

  • • Executive Office in Maze Bank West
    • Gunrunning Bunker in Paleto Forest
    • Counterfeit Cash Factory in Senora Desert
    • Biker Clubhouse — Great Chaparral
    • An Apartment at 1561 San Vitas Street
    • 1337 Exceptionalists Way garage with 10 vehicles

Rock the GTA Online with some Amazing Rides

  • • Dune FAV
    • Huntley S
    • Turismo R
    • Coquette Classic
    • Obey Omnis
    • Enus Windsor
    • Maibatsu Frogger
    • Pegassi Vortex
    • Banshee
    • Western Zombie Chopper

Guns and More

Along with real estate properties, exclusive vehicles, and a load of extra cash stuffed in your private bank account, Grand Theft Auto: V Premium Online Edition key also offers you the ability to own a marksman rifle, compact grenade launcher, compact rifle, few good-looking outfits and a sweet set of good old Biker Tattoos! Join the Rockstar Social Club like a real pro. Don’t miss out on this starter pack as it’s a truly notorious way to jump-start your empire. Of course, you cannot be expected to rule the streets by yourself right from the get-go, though, at the very least, it certainly beats starting from the scratch and living in the streets, doesn’t it?

Online Heists

Join the GTA V Online and involve in numerous heist activities together with other criminal entrepreneurs from all over the globe! Unlike the single-player experience, heists in GTA Online are set up by one of the players (referred to as the Heist Leader). The Heist Leader on Rockstar Social Club puts his/her own money up-front to kick-start the project, however, precisely the Heist Leader also decides how the end profits amongst the criminal groupies are split. Different heists will require different execution, and here, teamwork will be of utmost importance. Once you’re successful with the mission, the cash will be transferred directly into your bank account.

Online and Single play

Buy Grand Theft Auto V: Premium Online Edition key for both online and single-player entertainment. For just a brief moment, let’s put the Rockstar Social Club part aside, and focus on the offline intricacies. While it’s definitely true that GTA Online has grown into an ecosystem of such scale and size that most games can only be jealous of, the single-player experience that the offline mode offers is not the least bit less impressive. If you haven’t yet played through it – it drags you into a world with three astonishing protagonists, tons of untamed action, great written narratives, and an emotional mix equivalent to a rollercoaster ride.

Remarkable Storyline

While being a part of Rockstar Social Club has its perks, following the path that the GTA V narrative has laid is quite a remarkable journey too. The immense in-game freedom melds with structured narrative and the result forces a player to gaze with awe. The title presents a setting soaked in satire. It’s often dark and wicked, plus it shamelessly rips into a whole array of sensitive topics. Is it extremely funny? Without a doubt. Is it provocative? Most of the time. Does the game leave room for imagination? Only when you turn off the radio. The attention to detail that the GTA V Premium Online Edition key offers is simply uncanny.

Never-ending Exploration

Rockstar Social Club, on the other hand, attracts millions of players precisely because of the social aspect. The ability to interact with thousands of other players simultaneously in a project of such scale and size is unprecedented, to say the least. The incredible amount of content that you get with Grand Theft Auto V Premium Online Edition key is simply striking, and if you think it’s just about killing, stealing, and robbing – you couldn’t be more wrong. The game boasts with as much leisure activities as there are killing contracts on offer. Join the Rockstar Social Club and immerse in a game that is loaded with secrets, Easter eggs, and numerous other things which are hidden everywhere you go. It’s all up to you to discover them!

The Verdict

So, what’s the verdict? With this purchase, you’re acquiring two intrinsically different games. One comes in the form of an undefinable journey where other players behaviour can very much impact your actions/decisions. The other presents a living-breathing world which you can bend upon your will. Buy Grand Theft Auto V Premium Online Edition Starter Pack key and experience the best of both. Join the Rockstar Social Club community and experience one of the broadest online-driven games on the market or turn to single-play when you want compelling, satirical and without a doubt, astonishing take on three iconic characters lives with all their downfalls and uprisings.

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