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    Opis produktu

    The Escapists 2

    The Escapists 2 by Team 17 is a sandbox strategy simulator where the main task is of course to escape! The quirky visuals in fact hide quite rebellious and complex idea beneath. You are controlling a convicted felon, you are put in confinement facility, and all you desire is to escape by any means necessary. The game has ten different prisons for you to crack from Fort Tundra to Area 17. Each prison offers numerous ways to escape, and it’s solely on you to come up with some ingenious plan.

    It’s You That is Escaping!
    Create your character however you please. A vast selection of customizations is at your disposal. So, choose your deviant artisan’s appearance as your heart desires.

    It’s All About Competitive Friendship!
    The Escapists 2 incorporates several different types of multiplayer. Online Local, split screen, Co-Op and even versus mode is at your service! Set a team for up to three atrocious evil-doers and plot your escape as a gang — the way it’s supposed to be! Or try versus mode out for a spin, where you compete against other inmate, as well as against time, to find out which jailbreaker has the superior skills.

    The freedom for in-game crafting is hands-down top notch. By now you already know how important a duct tape is, apparently soap, socks and TV magazines are likewise crucial. Chip into a tunnel, make custom weapons, and so much more!

    Stand Your Ground!
    Some tough guy will try to test you out while you are focused on your grand escape. You are in a prison after all. Luckily there's a new combat system in the Escapists 2, which requires the efficient use of knuckle combos and blocks. Even if there is no tough guy around, you can be that tough guy instead! With the power of all blessed gym, some good ol’ prison brawl affairs are always welcomed — especially when they are rewarded in gold.

    Wymagania systemowe

    Minimalne wymagania systemowe

    • Wymagania systemowe
      Windows 7/8.1/10 (32-bit)
    • Procesor
      Intel Core Duo E6600
    • Pamięć
      2 GB RAM
    • Grafika
      GeForce GT 8800
    • Miejsce na dysku
      4 GB

    Zalecane wymagania systemowe

    • Wymagania systemowe
      Windows 7/8.1/10 (64-bit)
    • Procesor
    • Pamięć
      4 GB RAM
    • Grafika
      GeForce GTX 750
    • Miejsce na dysku
      4 GB

    Pozostałe szczegóły

    PEGI 7
    • Języki
      • Angielski
      • Francuski
      • Niemiecki
      • Rosyjski
      • Simplified Chinese
      • Włoski
      • hiszpański, kastylijski
    • Data wydania
      22 sierpnia 2017
    • Wydawca
      Team17 Digital Ltd
    • Deweloperzy
      Black Mountain Games
    • Działa na