Terraria Steam Key GLOBAL

Terraria Steam Key GLOBAL

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Terraria Steam key

Developed and published by Re-Logic, Terraria key brings an out of scale adventure game for you to feast upon. The title offers you a one of a kind journey that is completely dependant on the way you prefer to play. There’s no predefined pathing here, nor is there one single goal after which the end credits roll. Terraria is a game where you yourself must create both, the purpose and the whole story leading to it – it’s the 2D sandbox survival game you are sure to refuse to leave for a hefty while.

Means for Entertainment

Buy Terraria key and choose your own means for entertainment. If you’re into building stuff, collect various materials across hundreds, nay, thousands of procedurally generated environments and create a structure that would defy all the impending threats, and shelter those in need or danger. If you’re into fighting, craft yourself the sturdiest armor and weapons the world has witnessed and embark on a never-ending search for stronger and stronger encounters. Keep in mind that these are but a few of a whole multitude of activities the game offers.

An Array of Features

Terraria key brings a sandbox experience with constant free content updates, so you’d never get bored of this vast and ever-expanding world. Meet a whole ton of interesting and unpredictable NPC characters, and complete a series of quests to make this world a greater place for all. And if it ever so happens to be that the solo play won’t raise your levels of excitement as much as it did before, you can always join the game’s multiplayer, where the game once again shines with even brighter color and choice variety. Terraria key offers an experience that shouldn’t be taken lightly – the moment you allow it, you’ll be consumed for hours upon hours to come. Start this epic adventure today!

Szczegóły gry

  • Ograniczenia 12+Ograniczenia 12+
  • Single playerSingle player
  • Multi playerMulti player
  • CO-OpsCO-Ops
  • Side-viewSide-view


Działa na:


  • Portuguese-Brazil
  • Simplified Chinese
  • angielski
  • francuski
  • hiszpański, kastylijski
  • niemiecki
  • polski
  • rosyjski
  • włoski

Data wydania:

May 16, 2011





Wymagania systemowe:

Minimalne wymagania systemowe

  • Wymagania systemowe: Windows Xp / Vista / 7
  • Procesor: 1.6 GHZ Intel Pentium / AMD
  • Pamięć: 512 MB RAM
  • Grafika: 128 MB VRAM
  • Miejsce na dysku: 200 MB

Zalecane wymagania systemowe

  • Wymagania systemowe: Windows 7, 8/8.1, 10
  • Procesor: Dual Core 3.0 Ghz
  • Pamięć: 4 GB RAM
  • Grafika: 256mb Video Memory
  • Miejsce na dysku: 200MB