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    Przetłumaczone automatycznieJedna z najlepszych gier, w jakie kiedykolwiek grałem. Doskonała historia, świetna grafika i ścieżka dźwiękowa oraz bardzo dobra rozgrywka.
    Przetłumaczone automatycznieDobra mechanika fabuły i rozgrywki, niezupełnie w grach RPG, ale Mass Effect 2 to świetny początek.

Mass Effect 2 Origin key

Developed by Bioware and published by Electronic Arts Mass Effect 2 is the second installment in the epic sci-fi RPG series that was started in 2007. Buy Mass Effect 2 key and catch up to what happened after the events of the first game. After being engaged by an unknown enemy Commander Shepard has been dead for 2 years, however, a shady pro-human organization called Cerberus lead by the mysterious Illusive Man brings Shepard back to life with the help of Lazarus Project. Human colonies across the galaxy have been vanishing and the bureaucrats are doing nothing about it. As Commander Shepard, you will collect an elite team of mercenaries, biotics, soldiers, and scientists from across the galaxy to stop the new threat to the human race.  

Import save files from the preivous game

Buy Mass Effect 2 key and enjoy a revolutionary feature of the game that made the original Mass Effect trilogy unique in the gaming arena. If you played the first Mass Effect, you can choose to import your save files to Mass Effect 2. All the decisions you made in the first Mass Effect game will carry on to Mass Effect 2, changing the story accordingly and making your campaign a truly personal experience. The game includes additional character customization options. You can choose Shepard’s looks and sex with both options being fully voiced, pick one of the 6 distinct classes and customize your armor.

Explore the Milky Way galaxy

Buy Mass Effect 2 key if you ever wanted to experience what it’s like to live in a space opera like Star Wars. The amount of freedom is staggering. You’ll explore the galaxy in your cutting-edge starship – the Normandy SR-2, which will serve you both as a transport and as a base of operations for your crew. Fly from star system to star system gathering clues as to what happened to the missing human colonists, visit breathtaking futuristic locations like Illium and Omega. Mass Effect 2 codex entries continue upon expanding the rich world-building of the first game with interesting fiction grounded in scientific plausibility.

Prepare for the Suicide Mission

Looking for a game with well-written character development? Buy Mass Effect 2 key. The second installment in the Mass Effect series has a strong focus on the characters. As you explore the galaxy looking for means to fight the new enemy, you’ll go through various interesting recruiting missions. Normandy SR-2 crew will be expanded with new personnel, but you will see a comeback of some popular characters from the original Mass Effect. Gathering your crew and gaining their trust is crucial for the final mission. Your decisions made throughout Mass Effect 2 will determine if you’ll survive the final battle at the end of the game. The stakes are real, so buy Mass Effect 2 key to immerse yourself in one of the most epic and definitive sci-fi experiences of our generation that you simply cannot afford to miss.

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January 27, 2013


BioWare Corporation


Electronic Arts Inc.

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