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    DEADCRAFT Xbox Live Key

    Get ready for a fresh experience of the good-old zombie genre! For fans of the survival-action type of games, developers Marvelous Inc. and publishers XSEED Games present their new creation – survival action game DEADCRAFT Xbox Live key. Immerse yourself in a world engulfed by a deadly virus. You are a semi-zombie character Raid and your mission is to survive by killing waves after waves of undead scum and also by growing your zombie followers. Keep in mind, that this is a dangerous world, so make your choices wisely, because it will affect whether you will be successful in surviving or not. There is an apocalypse going on, so prepare for the worst!

    DEADCRAFT features

    Get to know fine gameplay elements of DEADCRAFT that will make you fully immersed in the game:

    • Zombie combat. Keep in mind, that you are half-zombie, so you have some zombie abilities at hand. Annihilate your opponents with undead powers;
    • Crafting. By collecting undead corpses you can grow your own zombie forces, including fighters and workers. Look for various useful materials and create a big variety of weapons and tools. Your mission is to create an unkillable zombie army;
    • Survival. Please remember, that food and water are essential things for your survival. Help other characters in order to get these resources or get them by force;
    • Apocalypse setting. For fans of this type of setting, this game will be a pleasure to play. It’s always interesting what would happen if the apocalypse happened in the real world;
    • Choices matter. Get ready to choose difficult decisions that can change the course of the game at any moment;
    • • Cheap DEADCRAFT price.


    In the stylized world of DEADCRAFT, you will have to fight endless swarms of undead enemies, craft various things, including weapons and tools, as well as try to survive in a dangerous environment. Get ready to meet various interesting characters and do their quests, since it will reward you with good materials. During the apocalypse, every item is important, so make good use of them and don’t get killed. DEADCRAFT Xbox Live key will be enjoyed by fans of action role-playing games since it’s played from the isometric camera perspective, so if you ever wondered what Diablo would look like in the apocalyptic setting, this game will have you covered! Sharpen your blades and survival skills and jump straight into the action!

    Egyéb részletek

    • Nyelvek
      • Angol
    • Megjelenés dátuma
      2022. május 19.
    • Kiadó
      Marvelous AQL
    • Fejlesztők