Euro Truck Simulator 2 - Heavy Cargo Pack (DLC) Steam Key GLOBAL

Euro Truck Simulator 2 - Heavy Cargo Pack (DLC) Steam Key GLOBAL

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    Euro Truck Simulator 2 - Heavy Cargo Pack (DLC) Key

    The second game in Euro Truck Simulator series, Euro Truck Simulator 2 lets you to really feel what's it like being a long-distance truck driver. This simulator allows you to choose your truck, pick up your cargo and deliver it to the required destiny point somewhere in Europe or the USA.

    Partake in the Community-based Experience

    It’s not just that, pay Euro Truck Simulator 2 price, and get the base game, along with an additional privilege to join the World of Trucks online community, where the most dedicated drivers share their experiences worldwide! Strolling along the lonely road is relaxing and awesome, but having someone to share your experiences with, makes the whole journey that much better!

    Form Your Personal Business Model

    Want more vehicles, depots, or drivers to make the delivery easier? Once you get some experience in Euro Truck Simulator 2, your business might begin growing exponentially, so stay focused and keep aiming for more! Make your efforts consistent throughout the game and you will be able to create your own firm, hire other drivers, buy garages, buy new trucks and much more!

    Take the Finest Digital Road-trip Out There

    At the end of the day, Euro Truck Simulator 2 key offers everything you love about road travelling and more. The scenery you traverse is recreated to the most scrupulous detail. The cities, towns, and villages are worth your every minute, and the vast environments that will lead you through hours upon hours of gameplay are simply breathtaking.


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    • Rendszerkövetelmények
      Windows XP/Vista/7
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      Core 2 Duo 2.2 GHz
    • Memória
      2 GB
    • Grafika
      GeForce 6800
    • Tárhely
      1.2 GB

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    • Rendszerkövetelmények
      Windows 7/8.1/10 64-bit
    • Processzor
      Quad core CPU 3.0 GHz
    • Memória
      6 GB RAM
    • Grafika
      GeForce GTX 760
    • Tárhely
      3 GB

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      2013. október 19.
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      SCS Software
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      SCS Software
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