DayZ Steam Key GLOBAL

DayZ Steam Key GLOBAL

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    Αυτόματη μετάφρασηΕξαιρετικό παιχνίδι επιβίωσης, το συνιστώ ανεπιφύλακτα, πολύ καλό gameplay, καθώς για την επιβίωση είναι πολύ δύσκολο να επιβιώσετε και υπάρχουν πολλοί
    Αυτόματη μετάφρασηΥπέροχο παιχνίδι επιβίωσης, σας κρατά σε μια συνεχή κατάσταση περιπέτειας και ο τρόπος που χρησιμοποιείτε τα αντικείμενά σας το κάνει πιο ρεαλιστικό.
    Αυτόματη μετάφρασηΤίποτα να πω, απλά θεαματικό, ένα παιχνίδι στο οποίο η επιβίωση είναι πρόκληση. Ένα θαύμα, και με τα mods, μια βάναυση ποικιλία από πεπερασμένα πράγματα που μπορείτε να κάνετε.

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DayZ Steam key

Buy DayZ key and engage in a multiplayer-only, open-world survival sandbox game of a massive scale that was developed and published by Bohemia Interactive. Set in the fictional post-soviet country of Chernarus, DayZ has you either competing or collaborating with other survivors of a worldwide zombie infection outbreak. As a survivor, you are immune to the disease, but the infection is the least of your worries. The disaster has left the remains of humanity fighting over scarce resources in an already harsh world ravaged by a zombie virus. 

The stakes are high 

If you find most games too easy buy DayZ Steam key and your craving for a true challenge will be satisfied. When you spawn on a server, you start with absolutely nothing. There are no instructions, mini-maps or tutorials. There are also no save games, so if you die once you lose everything and you’ll need to start from scratch.

Forget about the sense of security because in the world of DayZ you are always in constant danger: infected citizens, predatory animals, and hostile players make up only a fraction of threats that exist for you. However, hard does not mean impossible, as you’re going to tackle these challenges by applying various survival techniques. 

Complex survival mechanics

Want to become the Bear Grylls of a zombie apocalypse? Go ahead and buy DayZ Steam key! In order to survive, you’ll move throughout the world looking for weapons, food and scavenging for other resources that are crucial if you want to stay alive for a significant amount of time. Survival techniques you are going to apply in DayZ involve many!

Crafting, exploring, looting, hunting, as well as cooking your food, treating your wounds and gathering freshwater among many other things. And of course – don’t forget fighting. You’ll get to engage in both melee combat as well as gunplay that requires realistic maintenance of guns and conservation of ammunition. Just don’t make too much noise as that can attract unwanted attention. 

Explore an open 230 square kilometres area 

Buy DayZ Steam key to explore a wide area that measures around 230 square kilometres. It can take hours to get from its one end to another, even if you use vehicles. There are no fancy mini-maps here. You’ll have to orient yourself in the area with the help of a compass, road signs, maps you’ll find while exploring the world, you might even need to rely on celestial bodies for navigation. Aside from various enemies that inhabit this world, you’ll need to fight mother nature herself!

Chernarus has dynamic weather which can become a challenge in and of itself. Building a shelter and protecting it from hostile players or other enemies is a must. Buy DayZ Steam key and play in servers that can harbour up to 60 players at once! It’s not a battle royale but it can quickly become one unless you play with friends (or even find some). Work towards survival together by combining your resources and act as a paramilitary squad!

Απαιτήσεις συστήματος

Ελάχιστες απαιτήσεις συστήματος

  • Απαιτήσεις συστήματος
    Windows 7/8.1 64-bit
  • Επεξεργαστής
    Intel Core i5-4430
  • Μνήμη
    8 GB RAM
  • Γραφικά
    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760 or AMD R9 270X
  • Αποθήκευση
    16 GB

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  • Ημερομηνία κυκλοφορίας
    13 Δεκεμβρίου 2018
  • Εκδότης
    Bohemia Interactive
  • Δημιουργοί
    Bohemia Interactive
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