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Steam Wallet Gift Card 100 EUR Steam Key EUROPE

Steam Wallet Gift Card 100 EUR Steam Key EUROPE

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  • Steam Gift Card
    Steam Gift CardZkontrolujte průvodce aktivací
  • Digitální klíčToto je digitální vydání produktu (CD-KEY)Okamžité doručení
Důležité upozornění:
  • No expiration date. Please note that upon redeeming this product, the amount and the currency stated on the product page will be converted from/to a different currency (depending on your Steam account currency). The amount that will be added to your Steam Wallet balance upon activation may change slightly but will not be lower than stated on the product page.

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Popis produktu

What is Steam Wallet Gift Card 100 EUR?

Steam Gift Card is a digital gift card which holds a certain value and transfers it to your Steam Wallet account once you redeem it. It enables you to make purchases in the Steam store. 100 Eur Steam Gift Card will transfer 100 euros straight to your Steam account, so you can buy whatever it is you wish from the selection of gaming content Steam has to offer! Such an amount of money will allow you to buy quite a number of games or it will make a grand birthday gift! If 100 euros is not the sum you are looking for, feel free to have a look at our Steam Gift Cards collection.

How to use a Steam Gift Card?

Once you redeem the Steam gift card or a Steam Wallet code in your Steam account, the money on the card will be transferred straight to your Steam Wallet account in just a few moments! Once your money is in the Steam Wallet, you are free to make purchases in the Steam store and to do that conveniently, safely and fast. Steam card 100 EUR will allow you to make some grand purchases or many smaller ones - it absolutely depends on your preference and which games you wish to get.

What is a Steam Gift Card used for?

Apart from the fact that Steam Gift Card will add a specific amount of money to your Steam Wallet account extremely quickly and rather easily, you will be able to buy any products available on the Steam store with just a few clicks and no additional interference! Steam offers a huge variety of gaming content assuring quality and security - among those products you will find video games of various genres, DLCs, skins and many more exclusive items! Ever wanted to test your strategic thinking skills? Or perhaps your reflexes in the heat of a racing game? Wait no more and get the 100 EUR Steam Gift Card today!

How to activate a Steam Gift Card?

Your Steam Gift Card can be redeemed in just a few simple steps:

  • • Login to your Steam account;
  • • First click your account name in the top right of the site, then click Account details;
  • • Click Add Funds to your Steam Wallet;
  • • Click Redeem a Steam Wallet Code;
  • • Enter the Steam Gift Card code that you received in your email;
  • • Click Continue. Note that if you have never used Steam Wallet credit on your account before, you may be prompted to enter your current address in order to determine the correct currency.

Money should be transferred to your Steam Wallet account in just a few moments. Enjoy your shopping!

Další podrobnosti

  • Datum vydání
    10. září 2013
  • Vydavatel
  • Vývojáři
    Stephane Valverde, Leslie Valverde